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Review and begin implementing the Common Risk Assessment Framework

Recommendation 001


Who is leading the change

Family Safety Victoria

The Victorian Government review and begin implementing the revised Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (known as the Common Risk Assessment Framework, or the CRAF) in order to deliver a comprehensive framework that sets minimum standards and roles and responsibilities for screening, risk assessment, risk management, information sharing and referral throughout Victorian agencies.

The revised framework should incorporate:

  • a rating and/or weighting of risk factors to identify the risk of family violence as low, medium or high
  • evidence-based risk indicators that are specific to children
  • comprehensive practice guidance

The framework should also reflect the needs of the diverse range of family violence victims and perpetrators, among them older people, people with disabilities, and people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, culturally and linguistically diverse and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities.