The Victorian LGBTI Taskforce provide advice on research priorities, effective prevention strategies and standards

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Who is leading the change

  • Family Safety Victoria

The Victorian LGBTI Taskforce, supported by relevant experts, provide advice on the following:

  • research priorities relating to the nature and prevalence of and the most effective responses to family violence in LGBTI communities
  • effective prevention strategies
  • the review of the standards for family violence service providers - including men’s behaviour change programs
  • intersections between family violence and health and wellbeing initiatives
  • In 2017, the LGBTI+ Family Violence Working Group (the Working Group) was formally established under the LGBTI+ Taskforce. Co-chaired by the Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality and Family Safety Victoria, the Working Group provided advice to government and the LGBTI+ Taskforce in relation to the implementation of the government’s family violence reform agenda as it relates to people from LGBTI+ communities.

    In providing advice on research priorities, the Working Group and Family Safety Victoria consulted with other experts as needed including the Office for Women, Respect Victoria, the LGBTI+ Taskforce’s Health and Human Services Working Group, and the Intersex Expert Advisory Group (with the 2 latter groups being convened by the Department of Health and Human Services).

    Family Safety Victoria will identify and support research and practice development initiatives in collaboration with Respect Victoria as part of the first whole-of-government family violence research agenda, as well as through consultation across government and between the family violence and LGBTI+ specialist services sectors.

  • The approach to funding research has been aligned to better reflect emerging research priorities, following the  establishment of Respect Victoria and other bodies with functions of research or best practice guidance, such as the proposed Respect Victoria Research Alliance, as well as the development of the first whole-of- government family violence research agenda.

    A number of initiatives have been developed in relation to prevention of family violence against people from LGBTI+ communities, including a comprehensive literature review and recommendations by Our Watch (released May 2018); and the WeDeserve action research project for trans and gender diverse people experiencing family violence 4 year capacity building project led by Our Watch.

    The Office for Women is supporting a new LGBTI+ family violence primary prevention pilot program that will strengthen our understanding of family violence against people from LGBTI+ communities. The pilot program will support several LGBTI+ community and health organisations across Victoria to undertake innovative primary prevention activities that address the drivers of family violence.

    With funding through the 2019-20 State budget, Family Safety Victoria will lead the implementation of the new LGBTI+ Family Violence Capacity Building initiative being delivered by Rainbow Health Victoria over 2020-2022 to address systemic, geographic and organisational barriers for people from LGBTI+ communities. This work will further build our knowledge and understanding of effective responses to family violence.

  • Forecast implementation date: 31 December 2020.

Reviewed 07 January 2021

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