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Fay Patricia Richards

Fay has made it her mission to affect long term and positive change in the lives of people with a disability in Victoria.

Honour Roll

Fay's advocacy for people with a disability spans three decades. Her endless crusade for a fair, better and just world for all began when she was appointed as a Community Visitor under the Intellectual Disabled Persons' Services Act 1986 (now replaced by the Disability Act 2006). Over 27 years later, Fay remains a volunteer Community Visitor for the Office of the Public Advocate.

Her advocacy and compassion for people with a disability has resulted in profound and long-term changes and benefits for residents across the state. One of her greatest achievements was her advocacy work at Kew Residential Services, which assisted towards the closure of the facility and a better life and outcome for more than 480 residents. Her advocacy did not end there. After its closure, Fay continued to advocate for the needs of the Kew residents as they moved away from the institutional environment into the wider Victorian community.

As a board member on the Disability Services Board for the Community Visitors Program, Fay has also been responsible for preparing Community Visitors Annual Reports to State Parliament and advocating on key strategic, policy and operational issues.

Fay continues to work tirelessly to support people with a disability and ensure their issues are on the public agenda. She is well-respected by all who have worked with her—for her independence, her constructive approach and her humble, yet influential, manner.

Fay has recruited and mentored numerous volunteers to take on the role of a Community Visitor. Fay has provided exceptional leadership to these volunteers and has trained them to a very high standard. Her work has ensured that when she no longer performs her role, there are others who can take her place to safeguard the rights of people with a disability.