Flos Greig

In 1905, Flos Greig was the first woman to enter the legal profession in Australia.

Honour Roll

Flos Greig was born on 7 November, 1880, at Broughty Ferry, Scotland, and migrated with her family to Australia in 1889. She attended Presbyterian Ladies College between 1894 and 1896 and enrolled at the University of Melbourne to study arts and law in 1897, becoming the first woman to enter the law faculty and became the first woman to graduate LLB in 1903.

Through her efforts, the Victorian Parliament passed the 'Flos Greig Enabling Bill' to allow women to be admitted to legal practice. After completing her articles Flos became the first woman to enter the legal profession in Australia on 1 August 1905.

Knowing it would take too long to be accepted as a barrister, Flos decided to practice as a solicitor. She drafted amendments to a bill for the Women's Christian Temperance Union which passed into law as the Children's Court Act, 1906. She worked as a solicitor until her retirement in 1942.

Flos lived in Rosebud until her death at Moorabbin on 31 December 1958.