Gippsland animal cruelty investigation continues after first conviction

The Conservation Regulator is continuing its investigation into a man who was filmed stabbing a Sambar Deer in Gippsland in 2019, after the man who took the footage was convicted and fined $4000.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021 at 4:12 am

The man in the footage could be seen stabbing and beating the deer, causing horrific injuries.

His associate, a Gippsland man, narrowly escaped jail last week due to his ill-health and instead received a $4000 fine for multiple animal cruelty offences which also included using guinea pigs as live bait to train his hunting dogs, tormenting a fox cub and illegally hunting Hog Deer.

Conservation Regulator Authorised Officers uncovered the offences on the man’s phone during a native wildlife investigation in 2020.

The convicted man admitted to the crimes but did not reveal the identity of the man filmed stabbing the Sambar Deer.

He was charged and convicted for four breaches of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, one breach of the Wildlife Act 1975 and one breach of the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994.

In Victoria it is illegal to wound, mutilate, torture, abuse or beat an animal.

Quotes attributable to Gippsland Senior Forest and Wildlife Officer Glenn Lineham:

The Conservation Regulator takes all matters of wildlife crime seriously and while this case doesn’t directly relate to native wildlife, our investigation uncovered these cruel acts towards deer, guinea pigs and foxes.

It is never acceptable to abuse an animal and we are committed to bringing offenders to justice.

Glenn LinehamGippsland Senior Forest and Wildlife Officer


Conservation Regulator Victoria