Jack's graduate story: project delivery stream

Jack's had the opportunity to work on unique projects, all first for Victoria.

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Stream: Project delivery
Home department: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Studied: Science
How he describes himself: Energetic, optimistic, outgoing, curious, logical, dependable 
Pronouns: He/him/his

About Jack

I like learning new handy skills and expanding my interests. I enjoy homebrewing as well as cooking American BBQ in charcoal. I love camping and hiking or being at home in rainy weather playing games on my computer.

I enjoy working with the emerging energy technologies team at Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). The team does lots of amazing projects I would love to work on. I’m glad I’ve found where I want to be.

What I expected

Before I joined the graduate program, I was working in the oil and gas industry as a laboratory technician. I enjoyed working in that industry during its transition towards clean energy, but I realised I’d have a larger impact working for the Victorian Government in policy.

It was hard to know what to expect. I knew I’d be working at DELWP in emerging energy technologies. But I had no idea what that truly meant. All I knew was I’d be working in a team with people with similar values to me.

What I experienced

I didn’t expect the amount of support my team gave me. I was a bit worried about being “thrown in the deep end” but it was nothing like that. Everyone was very friendly and made learning a new job stress free.

I was excited to be working in a small team. I was lucky enough to be in the team researching the possibility of using hydrogen gas as a fuel source in Victoria. This is something I’m deeply passionate about and studied at University.

I enjoy the content I work on. Aside from hydrogen, my team works on unique projects, all firsts in Victoria. This means I’m always engaged and learning new things.

Who I worked with

I spent the first 8 months working at DELWP and then rotated into the Department of Health and Human Services Building Authority.

I was able to contribute my knowledge of hydrogen as a fuel source when writing technical documentation. I’m very proud of how much I’ve learnt about writing for government, which is a style that’s very new to me.

How I worked in 2020

I found the switch to working from home fairly stress free. I had an office setup at home, so it was as simple as plugging in my work laptop and going from there. I like to work with 3 external monitors, it helps me be more productive.  

I enjoy starting the day with casual conversations about what people got up to the night before, learning what the priorities are for the day and talking through any roadblocks we’re facing.

Advice for future applicants

Do it! The application process is straight forward.

Reviewed 19 July 2021

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