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Tuallengsianginn i amiak pawl (Benefits of kindergarten) - Laiholh (Hakha Chin)

Kum-thum-ngakchia tualleng sianginn le tuandeuh tualleng sianginn thawknak kong hngal.


  • Kum-thum-ngakchia tualleng sianginn le tuandeuh tualleng sianginn thawknak kong hngal.

    An thanning hi a rang bak! A rauh hlan ah Tuallengsianginn ah an kai ve cang lai va sikaw, timhcia an si le silo zeitin na hngalh khawh lai?

    Ngakchia pawl tuallengsianginn an kai ahcun inn hi a king ngai, hihi cu an caah a ngan ngaimi karhlannak pakhat a si. Ka fale siangkai an rak thok hmasat lio ahcun ka lungre a rak thei ngai nain chikhat lo te ah an tlei colh ko.

    Sangpi hi tuallengsianginn kai dingah timhcia a si le silo ka hngal lo; a nih cu ngakchia thar hmai ah a ningzah pang tuk cun, aa harh ngai lai tiah ka ruah.

    Ka fale zong tuallengsianginn kai an rak thok hmasat lio cu an ningzah a pang tuk ve ko nain, a tu hi zoh hna hmanh, a fawitein hawithar an i ser ko. Kumthum tlin in tuallengsianginn kai ter le sianginn pi kai an thok hlan ah kumhnih chung kai dingin biakhiahnak kan tuahmi hi a tha bik mi bak a si. Ngakchia dang he zeitindah lentecelh ning a si tile mah le mah zumhngamhnak kong zong tampi an cawn. Tuallengsianginn nih thinlung intuarning kong hngalhnak le midang ngakchia he zeitindah biachim ding le lentecelh tti ning a si ti zong an cawnpiak hna.

    A si, nain, a chel caan ahcun, ngakchia lentecelhnak hmun asilole inn zongah an tuah khawhmi a si ko tiah ka ruah. Zeiruangahdah a tu ah an kai thok cu a hauh theng? Kanmah he hin zeitindah lentecelh ning a si ticu cawn khawh a si ve ko lo maw?

    Midang he pehtlaih nun thiamnak lei thathnemnak lawng silo in – tuallengsianginn cu ngakchia pawl zeitindah thil ser thiamnak lei in khuaruah khawhnak siseh, Mirang holh le ca thiamnak lei le Kanaan thiam lei in thanchonak a petu prawkarem a si. Lente celhnak hmun nih a cawnpiak khawh lo mi a dang tuahsernak tampi an ngei. Ngakchia pawl nih a dang ngakchia he kawl hmuhnak lei in siseh mitthlam in cuanhnak le a buaibaimi hrilh fianter thiamnak lei zong an cawng. Prawkarem hruaitu a si mi, cawnpiaktu hna hi sianghleirun a rak kaimi an si tik ah ngakchia vialte an iteltum khawh dihnak hnga biatak tein an i zuam, cutik ah, Sangpi cu a hramthok ah a ningzah pangmi a si ko zongah, siarem tein a cawn khawh ve nak hnga cawnpiaktu nih thatein an bawmh ko lai.

    Cucu, a zeileipoah in a that deuhnak lei in a ka um ter ngai. Sangpi hi sianginn kai a thok hlan ah cawnnak a ngeih hmasat hi a tha tiah ka ruah. A dang kong ah ka lungrethei rih mi cu tuallengsianginn kai man hi zeizatdah a dih lai tihi a si.

    Kum 2023 thok in, Kum-Thum-le Kum-Li tling ngakchia paoh cu Victoria chung i tuallengsianginn he iteltumnak a tuahmi sin poah ah a man pek lo tein kai khawh a si cang lai.

    Kum-thum-tling caah cun, tuallengsianginn prawkarem cu zarhkhat ah suimilam 5 in 15 tiang kai khawh a si lai tinak a si.

    Kum-li-tling caah cun, zarhkhat ah suimilam 15 kai khawh a si lai tinak a si (kumkhat ah suimilam 600).

    Man peklo tuallengsianginn (Free Kinder) timi cu ngakchia pakhat nih kumkhat ah $2500 tiang a ni le caan ri tuk in kainak tuallengsianginn caah an khon khawh tinak a si.

    Man peklo tuallengsianginn i tangka lei bawmhnak cu caantling in kaimi tuallengsianginn prawkarem ca zongah tinco khawh a si, cunihcun innchungkhar pawl nih $2000 tiang an i khon khawh lai tinak a si. Hihi rian le a dang tuahding a ngeimi cun, a hlei in ngakchia zohkhenhpiak a herhmi innchungkhar caah a tha tukmi a si.

    ESK timi hi na rak hngal bal maw?

    Zeidah a si cucu?

    Tuandeuh in Thokmi Tuallengsianginn (Early Start Kindergarten or ESK) nih na fa cu zarhfatin te a man pek hau lo in tuallengsianginn prawkarem ah a tinco tawk tein a hmuh nak hnga a bawmh lai.

    ESK ah min apnak nih Kum-Thum-Tling le Kum-Li-Tling Tuallengsianginn prawkarem cu zarhkhat ah suimilam 15 tling tein kai kho ding in aamahkhan a si.

    Tinco aatlakmi na si le silo na hlathlai a hau.

    Mah cu a tha ngai – tinco aatlakmi kan si le silo zeitindah kan hngalh khawh lai, cun zeitindah sok ning a si lai?

    ESK cu tuallengsianginn kai ding ah min pek kum, April 30 kha a hmanungbik ah rel in a tlawmbik kumthum a tling cangmi ngakchia paoh nih a tinco tlakmi a si lai, cun,

    • ralzam asilole dornak haltu a simi asilole

    • Aboriginal le/asilole Torres Strait Islander, asilole

    • Hunhimh le Zohkhenhmi ngakchia a si lai.

    Aw! Sangpi hi kum hramthok ahkhan kumthum a tling cang, tuallengsianginn kai thok ding ah a kum nih a tlinh cang maw?

    Kum a tuaktu cahmai a um i, cunihcun, hi kong cu an bawmh khawh ko lai dah. An website ah, kum a tuaktu cu hmuhkhawh a si ko cun, na umnak sang i tuallengsianginn ahkhan Sangpi nih a tinco tlakmi kong kha hal hna. Website na zohkhawhnak kan kuat lai – mah cu

    Bia hal duhmi na ngeih ahcun nan sang i tuallengsianginn riantuannak lei kha chawn hna law, zeibantuk prawkarem dah an ngeih timi le a man kong zong na hal khawh hna. Tuallengsianginn riantuannak nih nangmah holh tein chawnhbiaknak ah bawm ding ah a man pek haulo tein holhlet rian bawmhnak zong hmuh khawh a si.

    Tuallengsianginn lei riantuan ning kongkau ah nan umnak sang Khawngsil zong na chawnh khawh hna, asilole na umnak hmunhma i Fimthiam cawnnak lei Bu (Department of Education and Training) zung zong chawnh khawh an si. Na holh tein bawmhnak hmuh nak caah, Holh le Ca Leh Riantuannak lei (National Translating and Interpreting Service) 131 450 na chawnh khawh hna, holhlettu kha na umnak hmunhma i Fimthiam cawnnak lei Bu (Department of Education and Training) zung lei chawnhpiak dingin hal cun, holhlettu nih fone chungin holh an leh piak lai.

    Kaa lawm, Thangpi hi nih tampi a ka bawmh!

    Sangpi, kan kal a hau cang! Tuallengsianginn ah na min kan in ap lai.

    Tamdeuh hngalhnak caah ah kal.

    Nawlngeihnak a chuahtu Victoria Fimthiam Cawnnak lei Bu

  • Hear about three-year-old kinder and early start kindergarten.

    They’re growing up so fast! They will get to go to kindergarten soon - how do you know when they are ready?

    The house is so quiet when the kids are at kinder, and it is such a big step for them. I worried a bit when my children first started but they settled in quickly.

    I don’t know if Sangpi is ready to go; he is so shy around new kids, and I think he might find it hard.

    My kids were very shy before they started kindergarten too but look at them now, they make friends so easily. Starting kindergarten at three years old and going for two years before school was the best decision we made. The kids learnt so much, like how to play with other children and became much more confident. Kindergarten taught them to understand their feelings and how to talk and play much better with us and other kids.

    Yes, but sometimes I think they can do that at the playground or at home. Why do they have to start now? Can’t they just learn how to play with us?

    It’s not just the socialising that is beneficial - kinder programs are based on play and teach kids how to think creatively and develop their English and number skills. They do many things that the playground can’t teach them. Together at kinder, children make discoveries, use their imagination and solve problems. The teachers who lead the programs have been to university and make sure all kids are included, so even if Sangpi is shy at the beginning, they will support him and make him feel comfortable.

    That makes me feel much better about everything. I think it will be good for Sangpi to get used to learning before starting school. The other thing I am worried about is how much kinder costs.

    From 2023, Three- and Four-Year Old Kinder will be free across Victoria, at participating services.

    For three-year-olds, this means from 5 and up to 15 hours per week of a kindergarten program

    For four-year-olds, this means 15 hours per week (600 hours a year)

    Free Kinder means a saving of up to $2,500 per child, each year at a standalone kindergarten service.

    Free Kinder subsidies are available for kinder programs at long day care services as well, saving families $2,000. This is great for families who have to balance work and other commitments and need extra hours of care.

    Have you heard of ESK?

    What is that?

    Early Start Kindergarten or ESK can help ensure you get the maximum amount of free kindergarten program hours possible each week for your child.

    Enrolling through ESK guarantees the full 15 hours each week in both Three-Year-Old and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten programs.

    You should find out if you’re eligible.

    That sounds great – how do we know if we are eligible and how do we apply?

    ESK is available to children who are at least three years old by the 30 April in the year they are enrolled to attend kinder and are:

    • from a refugee or asylum seeker background, or

    • are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, or

    • are known to child protection.

    Wow! Sangpi turned three at the beginning of the year, is he old enough to start?

    There is an age calculator page that will help you with that. On the website, you can find the calculator and get in touch with some local kinders to talk about Sangpi’s eligibility. I will send you the website to have a look - it is

    If you have any questions, you can also contact your local kindergarten service and ask them about the programs they offer, including about their fees. Kindergarten services are able to access a free translation service to support you in your language.

    You can also contact your local Council, or your local Department of Education and Training office to find a kindergarten service in your area. To get help in your language, you can call the National Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450, ask the interpreter to call the number of your local council or Department of Education and Training office, and the interpreter will stay on the phone call and interpret.

    Thank you, Thangpi this has helped so much!

    Sangpi, we need to go! We’re going to enrol you in kindergarten!

    Visit to find out more

    Authorised by the Department of Education and Training Victoria

Kum 2023 ah man lo in tualleng sianginn

Kum 2023 thawk in, Kum Thum le Kum Li ca Tuallengsianginn program pawl cu man loin hmuh khawh a si lai. Hi ah hin chun i saupi zohkhenhnak le a dang tein tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak aa tel.

Tuallengsianginn man loin tuahnak nih Victoria i ngakchia pawl nih sianginn kai an thawk hlan ah a tha bakmi tuallengsianginn program kum hnih an hmuh.

Sianginn kai thawk hlan ah, ngakchia pawl nih hika ah kai ding kha duhpiak a si:

  • Zarh khat ah suimilam 5 le 15 karlak caah Kum Thum Ngakchia ca Tuallengsianginn program, a hung zulh dingmi ah
  • zarh khat ah suimilam 15 chung Kum Li Ngakchia ca Tuallengsiaignn program (kum khat ah suimilam 600).

Man lo Tuallengsianginn a sullam cu kum fatin tuallengsianginn kainak caan ah ngakchia pakhat caah $2,500 tiang tangka khawn khawh a si i chun i saupi zohkhenhnak ah $2,000 (cu nih cun Commonwealth Childcare Subsidy (CCS) bawmhnak pawl zong mi lung la in a tuah).

Tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak a pemi Manlo Tuallengsianginn nih Victoria Acozah sin bawmhnak an hmuh lai. Hihi a sullam cu innchungkhar pawl nih i khawnmi tangka a hal than lai lo. Chun i saupi zohkhenhnak tuallengsianginn program pawl a hmangmi innchungkhar pawl nih tangka pek dingmi pawl ah fiang tein hmatthahnak tuahmi ‘Victoria Acozah Man Lo Tuallengsianginn rulhmi’ he a dotdot in tangka pekmi kip ah Man Lo Tuallengsianginn sin in tangka khawnmi pawl an hmuh khawh lai.

Kum Thum Ngakchia ca Tuallengsiaignn (tuallengsianginn) kong

Tuallengsianginn cu ‘tuallengsianginn’ asilole ‘ngakchia no fimcawnnak’ ti zongin chim a simi cu, na fa i thanchonak le cawnnak ah a biapimi pakhat a si. Tuallengsianginn program ah kum hnih ca na fa minkhumhnak tuahmi nih a thiamnak pawl thanchonak a bawmh khawh, cuticun nunnak le sianginn ah tha tein an tuah lai. Victoria ah, ngakchia pawl cu kum thum an si tikah tuallengsianginn program ah ngakchia pawl kha na thawkpi khawh hna. Kum Thum le Kum Li Ngakchia nih Tuallengsianginn kainak zeitikdah an thawk khawh timi hmuh dingah Thawknak Kum Tuaknak (Starting Age Calculator)External Link ah na fa i a chuahthla in na lut khawh.

Fehtermi aphi pawl:

Tuallengsianginn program a kaimi ngakchia pawl cu nambar le cafang pawl rel ning le hngalh ning, le harnak pawl siamremh ning tibantuk thiamnak pawl thancho an thawk. Tuallengsianginn ah mah le mah izumhnak le mah tein dirkhawhnak na fa nih aa sersiam lai i hawikomnak lei le umtuning lei thiamnak pawl a cawng lai. Hawikom thar pawl an ser lai.

Kherhlainak nih a langhtermi cu sianginn kainak thawk hlan ah kum hnih asilole kum thum tuallengsianginn program a kai cangmi siangngakchia pawl nih kum 16 an si ah, a rak kai lomi nak in Mirangca le kanaan ah hmat tha deuh an hmu ti a si.

Nulepa pawl le tuallengsianginn cawnpiaktu pawl rian an tuanti ning:

Tuallengsianginn nih nulepa, innchungkhar le cachimtu pawl karlak ah riantuantinak lei ah a thabik in rian a tuan. Nulepa pakhat dirhmun in, na fa a thannak caah a biapi bikmi na si. A dik lomi chungin ahmaanmi ah lam na hruai, nan holh, nunphung le zawnruahnak le upatnak tibantuk aman pawl kha na chimh. Cachimtu pawl nih tuallengsianginn ah zeidah a cang timi kong le inn ah na fa nih peh zulh in cawnnak a tuahnak bawmh ding lam pawl an in chimh lai. Na fa i a huammi pawl le cawn a duhmi kong kha hngalh an duh.

Na tuallengsianginn cachimtu kha zeitikcaan paoh ah holhlettu tawlrel piak dingah na fial khawh. Hihi a hmun ah asilole telephone asilole video in tuah khawh a si. Aman telhmimi a um lo.

Tuallengsianginn ah zeidah a cang:

Cachimtu pawl nih letecelhnak hmangin cawn dingah ngakchia pawl kha an forh hna: Cawlcanghnak pawl ah zuksuainak, hlasaknak, kainak, cawhnak le aleng ah tliknak, tunun pawl he lentecelhnak le ca-uk pawl relnak aa tel men lai. Lentecelhnak nih ngakchia pawl kha an khuaruahnak hman dingah tha a pek hna i thil pakhat khat hmuhchuah khawhnak a pek hna, i hrawmnak le mah le caan te ah midang pawl he riantuantinak ngeih lio ah. Ngakchia pawl nih aw pawl, biafang pawl le holh kong kha an cawng lai, Mirangholh chim ning le ifian ning telhchih in.

Tuallengsianginn pawl cu aa cawhthupmi nunphung kan mibu sinak phunkhat a si:

Tuallengsianginn program pawl nih zeibantuk dirhmun in a rami nulepa dihlak kha an mibu chung i tel dingah an don hna. Anmah cu nulepa hna an i ton khawhnak le an sining an chimphuan khawhnak hmun le pakhat sin in pakhat nih cawn khawhnak hmun a si.

Cachimtu pawl nih na fa le nan nunphung kong hngalh an duh. Hi nih hin na fa caah sullam a ngeimi program pawl timhtuahnak a bawmh hna, nunphung ni pawl le puai pawl cungah hngat in cawlcanghnak pawl le Victoria ah idannak conghlawmhnak telhchih in.

Cachimtu pawl nih aho paoh kha cawlcanghnak pawl ah an telh hna, cu ticun Mirangholh a thiam lomi ngakchia pawl nih midang pawl bantukin lentecelhnak le cawnnak kha aa khat in caantha sunglawi pawl an ngei. Cheukhat tuallengsianginn program pawl nih Mirangholh tlawmpal a thiammi asilole a thiam lomi ngakchia pawl a bawm khomi holh phun hnih a thiammi cawnpiaktu pawl an ngei hna. Ngakchia pawl cu midang pawl sining cohlan ding le nunphung lei idannak upat dingah cawnpiak an si fawn.

Chun i saupi zohkhenhnak (ngakchia zohkhenhnak) hmun le a dang tein (caan hoih in) tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak tuallengsianginn program karlak i an idan cu zeidah a si?

Kum Thum Ngakchia Tuallengsianginn program ah chun i saupi zohkhenhnak (ngakchia zohkhenhnak) hmun asilole a dang tein (caan hoih in) tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak pakhat paoh ah ngakchia pawl cu an kai kho. Hi riantuanpiaknak pawl cu Kum Li Ngakchia Tuallengsianginn program zongah an pek tawnmi a si.

Chun i saupi zohkhenhnak hmun nih fimcawnnak le zohkhenhnak kha chunnitlak a pek khawh, tuallengsianginn program telhchih in. Cachimtu nih hruaimi tuallengsianginn program cu fimcawnnak le zohkhenhnak caan chapchihmi he fonh khawh a si. A dang tein riantuanpiaknak ah, tuallengsianginn program nih ni zeimawzat le a fiang bakmi caan pawl lawng ah rian a tuan lai. Hi ni le caan pawl cu tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak nih a khiahmi an si.

Tuallengsianginn Tuan ah Athawkmi

Kum 2023 ah, Kum Thum Ngakchia Tuallengsianginn program pawl cu zarh fatin suimilam 5 le 15 karlak chung, cun Kum Li Ngakchia Tuallengsianginn program pawl caah suimilam 15 chun a si. Ralzam asilole dornak a kawlmi dirhmun in a rami na si ahcun, Tuallengsianginn Tuan ah Athawkmi (Early Start Kindergarten (ESK)) tiah auhmi program hmuh khawh a si. ESK cu Aboriginal asilole Torres Strait Islander tiah langhtermi ngakchia pawl asilole ngakchia runvennak he pehtlaihnak a ngei cangmi innchungkhar in a ra mi ngakchia pawl sin zongah hmuh khawh a si.

ESK nih na fa caah zarh fatin tuallengsianginn program man loin hmuh khawhnak sullam a tambik zat na hmuh khawh dingah an bawmh khawh. ESK caah phung nih a onhmi ngakchia pawl cu zarh fatin man loin tuallengsianginn suimilam 15 kai khawhnak nawl an ngei, Kum Thum Ngakchia Tuallengsianginn program ah suimilam zeizat pekmi an si zong ah.

ESK kong thawngthanhmi theih chapnak caah nan umnak hmun i tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak kha chawn, asilole hika ah zoh: Link

Na fa minkhumhnak tuah:

Tuallengsianginn program pawl fehternak a tuahmi riantuanpiaknak kawl dingah, tuallengsianginn program website kawlnak ah zoh (Tuallengsianginn Program Kawl- Fimcawnnak le Cawnnnak Phuthen, Victoria ( Link )

Nan minkhumhnak tuahto ning kong kha nan umnak hmun i tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak kha chawn. Bawmh na herh ahcun, nan umnak hmun khawngsil kha na pehtlaih khawh asilole Kum Thum Ngakchia Tuallengsianginn Dothlatnak lei Chawnhnak kha 1800 338 663 ah chawna silole ah email kua. Holh lei bawmhnak asilole holhlettu hmuhnak caah, 131 450 kha chawn hmasat.

Kinder Tick kha kawl:

Kinder TickExternal Link nih innchungkhar pawl kha an fale caah tuallengsianginn program kawlnak le fehternak kha a bawmh.

Na umnak hmun i tuallengsianginn riantuanpiaknak ah, riantuanpiaknak asilole inn asilole vawlei ah, an website asilole an thawngthanhmi thilri pawl ah Kinder Tick logo kha kawl.

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