Jill Astbury

Jill Astbury has made a huge contribution to the wellbeing of Victorian women, particularly in their experience of violence and mental health impacts.

Honour Roll

Jill's research has helped to document the real extent and impact of violence against women, which is the leading risk factor for disability amongst women aged 18-44. It has also helped to expand and improve how the community responds to violence, through changes in policies, systems and service provision.

Her position as a leading international researcher has been recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2000 she wrote the widely cited report: Women's Mental Health: An evidence based review and she has also been a peer reviewer for a number of major WHO documents. Jill is also co-chair of the Coordinating Committee of the Global Initiative on Sexual Violence Research.

In addition to her publications and research work, Jill Astbury has also helped to mentor a new wave of researchers in her field, having supervised approximately 50 PhD, Masters and Honours thesis students in the past 12 years.

She is also widely recognised for her willingness to use her research skills and knowledge to improve the services that respond to violence against women. These improvements have been at many levels including immediate service delivery, government policy development, and better education and training.

She has also contributed her knowledge and expertise outside Australia. She has helped train researchers in developing countries and, as Deputy Director, made major contribution to the gender and reproductive health course taught at the Key Centre for Women's Health in Society at the University of Melbourne.

Violence against women remains a major societal problem. However, the work of Jill Astbury has helped to map out ways of reducing both its causes and its effects.