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Horsham Rural City is some 3.5 hours' drive north west of Melbourne and north of the Grampians Ranges, in Victoria's Wimmera region.

The city of Horsham, with over 13,000 people, is the main provider of retail, community and government services in the Wimmera. The region has a range of educational and health facilities including several secondary colleges and a TAFE.

The main industry is dryland, broadacre agriculture.


Arapiles, Blackheath, Brimpaen, Bungalally, Clear Lake, Dadswells Bridge, Dooen, Douglas, Drung, Duchembegarra, Grass Flat, Green Lake, Greenland Dam, Haven, Horsham, Jilpanger, Jung, Kalkee, Kanagulk, Kewell, Laharum, Longerenong, Lower Norton, McKenzie Creek, Mitre, Mockinya, Mount Talbot, Murra Warra, Natimuk, Noradjuha, Nurrabiel, Pimpinio, Quantong, Riverside, St Helens Plains, Telangatuk East, Tooan, Toolondo, Vectis, Wail, Wartook and Wonwondah.

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  • Unsubdivided - Cr Di Bell
  • Unsubdivided - Cr David Bowe
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Penny Flynn - Deputy Mayor
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Robyn Gulline - Mayor
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Les Power
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Claudia Haenel
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Ian Ross

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