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Lawrence Money

Newspaper columnist and comedian.

Lawrence Money


Lawrence Money was a newspaper columnist for 37 years before leaving The Age in 2016 after 50 years in journalism. He was the inaugural winner of the Melbourne Press Club’s Quill award for Victoria's best column-writer, an award he won twice.

A multifaceted man, Lawrence has written 6 books, appeared on ABC and commercial radio, designed a best-selling family board game called Holiday and has recently illustrated 3 Australian authors' books with original cartoons. In a busy 'retirement', he has become a stand-up comedian, and has performed shows at the 2019 and 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

Lawrence delights in exploring the Aussie culture, the language, the quirks that make us uniquely Australian. One of his recent books, Amazing Aussie Bastards, is a tribute to the indominable eccentric Australian spirit and those who embody it. He is currently working on a book entitled You’ve Got To Be Joking, inspired by his venture into stage comedy.