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Lisa’s dedication to serving her community

Tuesday, 2 January 2024 at 12:01 am
Lisa Hrambanis

Lisa Hrambanis was appointed as a justice of the peace (JP) in 2022 for the Frankston campaign.

For Lisa, providing a complimentary service as a JP is invaluable. She believes it is a reasonably small, yet impactful commitment, that contributes meaningfully to the community.

“I registered my interest to become a JP back in 2013 from memory! I was working in the legal industry at the time and thought what a great opportunity it would be to serve my community and gain more experience. I also love working with people and getting to know their stories and backgrounds.”

When asked about her favourite aspect of the role, Lisa admits it is helping others. In particular, Lisa finds it rewarding helping people throughout uncertain and vulnerable times. “I also enjoy providing my services at urgently needed times, such as when someone is about to depart overseas and needs something witnessed that evening. To see how grateful the community is makes it all worth it”.

At 33 years of age, Lisa believes it is important be a young JP and she encourages others to consider doing the same. 

“It means I can bring longevity of my service to the community. I’ve already experienced a great deal already – imagine what I’ll see and accumulate over the next few decades (hopefully!).”

Lisa has previously volunteered at animal shelters and is looking for further volunteering roles in her community. Some of Lisa’s personal interests and hobbies include traveling, cooking, socialising, and getting to know new people.

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