Liz Ellis AO

Liz Ellis is one of Australia's most successful sportswomen as a netballer and has also fostered young talent.

Honour Roll

As someone keenly aware of the economic imbalance between men and women's sports, Liz Ellis smiles quietly to herself when young women tell her that they want to be a professional netball player. "I think - if only I could be a professional netballer too."

Despite this, Liz believes community recognition of women in sport has improved since she first started playing in the early 1990s. And it shows in the faces of the young fans of one of Australia's most successful sportswomen. Captain of the Australian Netball Team since 2004 and Captain of the Sydney Swifts since 2000, Liz Ellis has been a fixture in Australian netball since she joined the senior Australian squad in 1992. She has also represented Australia at both national championships and the Commonwealth Games.

As an ambassador for Business Club Australia: Melbourne 2006, Liz has assisted international business networking and outcomes around the Commonwealth Games. Liz is also fostering young talent by getting involved in the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Future Athletes Clinics.

Her outstanding achievement in Australian sport has made her a role model for many young women. "To know that young girls look up to you and what you do is huge," Liz, 33, said. "I went shopping recently and the assistant recognised me from a netball game she went to. She remembered that we were very patient signing autographs for her and her friends," Liz said. "It was the first sporting event she had ever gone to and now she continues to go to netball games. It's great to think I have made at least one person interested in sport."