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Marilyn Beaumont

Marilyn's vision and women's health knowledge has informed policy and influenced governments to create healthy environments for women.

Honour Roll

Marilyn Beaumont is passionate about standing up for what is right and is driven by the way women unite. "Together we have to be courageous and name whatever it is that's not right, from the really big issues about women being unequal to women's access to superannuation," Marilyn said.

After training as a nurse, Marilyn was involved in the grassroots women's movement and gay liberation, and emerged in the 1970s as an activist for street kid services and for women with drug and alcohol dependence. As State Secretary South Australia and then Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) she raised the professional recognition of nurses to an unprecedented degree on national heath policy issues. She campaigned for the introduction of important working conditions that have, and continue to have, a positive and enduring effect on nurses across Australia.

"The longer I worked in advocacy the more I've learnt to speak the truth and bring others along with me. I trust my instincts and give voice to what I see around me that isn't right. To act upon it, stand up and say it."

Now the Executive Director of Women's Health Victoria, Marilyn continues to provide leadership and advocates for the specific health needs of women. "Seeing how the health system works or doesn't work and using resources more effi ciently is what drives me now," she said.

Her commitment extends to mentoring staff and she sits on a number of boards including Melbourne Health and Corrections Victoria, as well as being a member of the Women's Correctional Services Advisory Committee and the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual Health.