Marisa M. Vedar

Leading Through Disaster

Marisa Vedar has been a leader in the Filipino community since 2008.  She has held various positions in Filipino Australian community organisations, but her passion is helping the poor and the marginalised, and giving hope to people who are feeling desperate. She is a Director of Gawad Kalinga Australia, a not-for-profit charitable foundation which aims to fight poverty, homelessness and lack of resources.  Marisa’s strength is in championing the cause of those who desperately need help and inspiring people to take collective action. 

Marisa’s impressive call to action during the Victorian bushfires and the COVID-19 Pandemic has helped more 1,000 people Australia-wide. Her approach to community leadership is one of ‘servant leadership’ and working to inspire the young to be the future community leaders.  Emergency and disaster response and helping people who are severely impacted is her forte; compassion and caring is her main priority.