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Mary Crooks AO

Mary Crooks joined the Women's Trust as Executive Director in December 1996. Mary is a woman of great energy and enthusiasm, qualities that are contagious.

Honour Roll

She has a deep commitment to, and understanding of, social justice and is intellectually rigorous in her application of facts and due process. Mary graduated Master of Arts from the University of Melbourne in 1978.

She has made a leading contribution to the theory and practice of community participation in decision making, for example, as Chair of the Environmental Effects Assessment Working Group, Brunswick - Richmond Powerline Officers and as Chair of the Victorian Government Social Justice Consultative Committee, 1989-92. In 1995 she was co-editor of Putting the People First: Government Services and Rights in Victoria, a tough but fair critique of the Victorian Government of the day.

In 1997-99 as Executive Director of the Women's Trust she was Project Director of the ground-breaking Purple Sage Project. A project in which some 6000 Victorian women and men were involved in identifying issues of common concern and ways to act to strengthen community.

Since Mary took up the Executive Director position at the Victorian Women's Trust, she has undertaken some 450 speaking engagements. She is a pathfinder in new ways of enabling community consultation and participation on the major issues of society.