Maryclare Machen

Maryclare strives to ensure that the campaign to end violence against women and children is supported with a strong ideological framework.

Honour Roll

Maryclare is the Executive Officer of the Eastern Domestic Violence Service (EDVOS). For more than 20 years, she has actively advocated for the protection of women's rights.

Through her skills in communication and stakeholder engagement, Maryclare was instrumental in teaching sector workers about the impact of violence on children, and about the mother–child relationship in the aftermath of violence.

Her community experience includes partnership development, direct service, research and management. In addition, Maryclare has demonstrated her expert knowledge of the sector through her community presentations and contributions to conference and research papers, including a recent partnership with MonashLink Men's Responsibility Group.

During her time at EDVOS, Maryclare has advocated for the establishment of cross-sectoral programs, innovation in service delivery, and has maintained several pioneering programs to assist vulnerable women and children.

The impact of her contribution is recognised not just at EDVOS, but across the eastern metropolitan region and wider Victoria, resulting in new programs based on models championed by Maryclare, such as the Safe and Secure practice guide. As the Executive Officer of EDVOS, Maryclare leads a passionate team of advocates who share the vision of a society where everyone recognises the fundamental human right to be free from violence.