The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion - Multicultural Festivals and Events

Where in Bendigo, we're actually in a suburb that's called Myers Flat at the Great Stupa site. 

The Multicultural Festivals and Events Program helps us run our annual event Vegecareian Festival. So this Vegecareian Festival has been running for six years now. 

It's really developed into a multicultural food festival.

This park that we are actually standing in is a peace park, is an interfaith park.

We try and represent different faiths and groups in the community as well and also experience a bit of Buddhist culture out here as well so people can do the meditation and tai chi in the Stupa today. 

It's all about sharing peace and harmony is mainly the message we want to spread. 

For this year we received the funding from the Multicultural Festivals and Events Program. 

We subscribe to the mailing list, which is how we found out about the grant and we work with our grants writer and we also went to one of the information sessions, then pulled in supporting documents from some key people in the local community as well. 

This festival doesn't run at a profit, we break even each year.  

We couldn't actually put together this event without this funding. It is really crucial to the success of the event. 

Find out more about the Multicultural Festivals and Events Program 

Reviewed 20 February 2020