Privacy awareness week 2020

Protecting our information has always been important.

This is why traditionally we have had strong physical security controls like locked filing cabinets and rented safety deposit boxes.

As more of our information becomes digitised, and we share more online, protecting our information has never been more important.

Possibly even more so now as many of us work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If our confidential and private information gets into the wrong hands, it can be used for cyber crime such as identity theft or blocking information access on computer systems and networks.

So, this Privacy Awareness Week running from 4 – 10 May, let’s remind ourselves of a couple of points:

To respect others' privacy by always asking before sharing information about them online and; to better understand our privacy rights so we make informed decisions about the personal information we share and how it will be used

Thank you to the Victorian Information Commissioner Sven Bluemmel for being a real champion for Privacy Awareness Week.

His office is planning a range of events and activities including a creative competition with a range of prizes up for grabs – so visit to find out more.


Protect yours, respect others'.

Thank you and stay safe.

Reviewed 05 November 2020