Support to become an early childhood teacher

Ever since I was a little girl I had always wanted to work with children. I’d always done casual babysitting roles and just really loved being a part of young children’s lives.
My name is Molly Petruccelle and I am at Gowrie Victoria in Carlton North.
Gowrie is a play-based early learning centre where nature is at the forefront of everything that they do – muddy play, water play, all of those things that are just fun. You can be with the children, you truly see their happiness that comes through that.
I completed year 12 and moved on to studying my Certificate III in early childhood education whereby I was given the opportunity to do a traineeship at an early learning centre in Rosanna.
I then went on to study for my Bachelor as I wanted to develop and expand on my skills and my knowledge in the industry.
I’d been told about the scholarship that would help me to complete my Bachelor as I felt like at that point in time I wouldn’t have been able to afford the lost amount of money during the time of placements. So, the scholarship has really helped me to build up my savings and have that money aside when I was on placement.
Just being down on children’s level and really enjoying my time with them – it’s such a fun industry to be with. I think watching them grow and reach all of their goals and developmental milestones, it’s so rewarding to be able to go home and think ‘I made a difference in that child’s life’.