Introducing Victoria's Big Housing Build

If there’s one thing Victorians have learned from the lockdown it’s that everyone needs a home.

But for some Victorians, a safe, secure home is out of reach.

So, now, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, it’s time to get building social and affordable housing like never before.

Introducing Victoria’s Big Housing Build.

It’s a plan to build more social housing for people in need - in the places they’re needed the most.

Over the next 4 years we’re investing 5 billion dollars.

To build over 12,000 new homes …

With more than a billion dollars of it the investment to be spent in regional Victoria.

The Big Housing Build will support Aboriginal communities….

Create new neighborhoods for a generation of families…

Provide thousands of people with the opportunity to pursue work, an education, a family … to live a life they value.

The Big Housing Build will create an average of 10,000 jobs a year over 4 years in the building industry - including hundreds of new apprenticeships.

This is the single biggest investment in social housing in Victoria’s history, and it's just the beginning.

Starting today, the first few projects will deliver new homes to make better use of government land   ….  extra funding for community housing providers … and new development partnerships to create inclusive communities. 

We are Homes Victoria  … and our goal is to build more homes for more Victorians.

Come and see Victoria’s Big Housing Build for yourself.

Reviewed 07 December 2020