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The VCE Vocational Major

[A split screen with a young man wearing a hardhat on the left, and a young woman on the right. Then a young man holding a hardhat and set of rolled up plans walks away from the camera on the right. On the left, a young woman walks onto a stage and picks up a microphone. On-screen text: The VCE Vocational Major.]

The VCE Vocational Major is a new two-year senior secondary program that sits within the VCE.

[A hand moves a wrench. In a hospital, a young person in scrubs pushes a someone in a wheelchair. A young woman standing outside in nature operates an iPad.]

Focused on putting practical life skills into action in a real-world environment, and incorporating community-based activities and teamwork, this program offers a pathway into apprenticeships, traineeships, further education, or directly into a job.

[Symbols of a baker, a young woman in office clothing holding a bag, a pile of books and mortar board, and a document and satchel.]

[Symbols of 16 documents in the background and numbers in the foreground counting up to 16.]

You’ll study at least 16 units over two years including the core units of Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, and Personal Development Skills.

[A young man wearing a hard hat looks at a plan. Symbols of a calculator, a book, a screwdriver and pencil, and a person climbing some steps to a flag.]

[In a large room with desks, computers and technical equipment, a young woman sits working with a small tool. On-screen text: 180 hours Vocational Education.]

You’ll also complete 180 hours of Vocational Education and training at Certificate 2 level.

[An apprentice mechanic works on an engine. The young person in scrubs pushes a older man in a wheelchair. In a hair salon with vivid blue walls, an apprentice hairdresser with short white hair stands behind a seated young man and uses clippers to cut his hair.]

Choose what suits your interests with elective subjects like Automotive, Health, or Hair and Beauty. It’s up to you.

[A young person looks at a sample in a test tube. A young woman walks through an office. In a carpentry setting, a young woman puts on safety glasses. An apprentice chef in a commercial kitchen pushes a trolley of freshly baked pies.]

You can also choose other VCE units like Biology or Business Management, or gain credit through structured workplace learning recognition for on-the-job training or work placements.

[In a filming studio, a camera assistant pushes a wheeled cart (camera dolly) as a young woman sitting on the dolly operates a camera. An apprentice construction worker in a hard hat and wearing a toolbelt walks onto a building site.]

Assessments are made in class with no external examinations apart from the General Achievement Test or any scored VET units you enrol in.

[Symbols of the VCE Vocational Major Certificate, a document and satchel, and hands holding a person.]

The VCE Vocational Major develops a range of work related, and personal everyday skills you’ll need in life.

[A young woman writes in a notebook. A group of students plays basketball. On-screen text: Choose your pathway,]

It’s a good option if you prefer practical learning and don’t need an ATAR when you finish school.

[A four-way split screen with a young woman taking notes, the apprentice hairdresser cutting hair, a young woman looking at a circuit board, and the apprentice construction worker on the building site.]

Talk to your Careers Practitioner to help choose a pathway that best suits you.

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Reviewed 23 January 2023