Make every day a new adventure

[knocking at door]

[whimsical song begins]

[male enters bedroom to wake up child].

Dad: “Timmy, you awake?

[child hides up the bed cover, giggling]

Dad: “C’mon buddy. Are you ready for today mate?”

[child playing with toys – dinosaur figurines, animal figurines, and soft toys – in the kitchen]

Timmy: “This will be the winner” [referring to a dinosaur figurine to take to kindergarten]

Dad: “Righto, Timmy let’s go.”

[children are sitting in a circle at kindergarten, starting the day with an Acknowledge of Country]

Teacher: “Here is the sky. Here is the land.” [children out their hands in the sky, then touch the floor with their hands]

Teacher: “We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.”

[children are doing craft, creating shapes with pipe cleaners]

[child shows educator their creation]

Educator: “Well done Timmy.”

[educator passes child another pipe cleaner]

Educator: “See, you twist these ones” [showing the child how to create a new shape]

Educator: “Here you go Timmy.”

[outdoor scene, children are laughing and talking]

Teacher: “Come on, come on” [teacher is blowing bubbles and children are chasing them trying to catch them]

Teacher: “Did you see a dinosaur at the zoo?’

Teacher: “What’s this one here? Who knows what this is?” [teacher points to dinosaur figurine and child makes roaring noise]

Timmy: “Here you go” [passing a toy truck to another child in the sandpit]

Teacher: “Okay, Timmy, I’ll see you tomorrow” [teacher kneels to give child his backpack, teacher waves goodbye]

[child arrives home]

Mum: “Hey sweetie! Did you have a good day?”

Male voiceover: “The best learning happens when children play. Make their everyday a new adventure.”

Best Start Best Life.

Authorised by the Victorian Government, Melbourne.