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Structured Professional Judgement - MARAM Animation Video Series

[On-screen text:

This video was produced on the lands of the Wurundjeri people, and we wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners.

We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present and Aboriginal Elders of other communities viewing this video.]

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[On-screen text: Structured Professional Judgement]

V/O: Structured Professional Judgement

V/O: Structured Professional Judgement is a practice model which supports you to assess information and determine the level or seriousness of risk to the victim survivor.

V/O: As a professional, you bring your experience, skills, and knowledge to the risk assessment process.

[On-screen text: Experience, Skills, Knowledge]

V/O: Structured Professional Judgement includes four elements:


V/O: The first recognises that adult victim survivors can often describe their own level of safety and risk.

[On-screen text: Victim survivor self-assessment]

V/O: By taking a person or victim-centred approach– by listening to, partnering with, and believing the victim survivor – you will find that victim survivors are experts in their own safety.

[On-screen text: person or victim centered approach, listening to, partnering with and believing, experts in their own safety]

V/O: Note that a victim survivors’ self-assessment can be used to increase your assessed level of risk – it should never be used to reduce your assessed level of risk in case of minimisation behaviours.

V/O: The second element is to consider the evidence-based risk factors.

[On-screen text: Evidence-based risk factors: Strangle or choke, Threat to kill, Planned separation, See Evidenced Based Risk Factors video]

V/O: Understanding what risk factors are present for the family, and in particular any serious risk factors, will help determine the level of risk.

V/O: Information sharing with other services will help ensure you have a full understanding of all risk relevant information.

[On-screen text: Information Sharing: See Information Sharing video]

V/O: An Intersectional analysis requires you to critically reflect and understand your own biases, and respond in an appropriate, non-judgemental, and safe manner.

[On-screen text: Intersectional analysis, See Intersectionality and MARAM in Practice video]

V/O: This process, combined with your professional judgement, will help you determine risk.

V/O: Risk assessment is a point-in-time assessment of the level of family violence risk and should be regularly reviewed.

V/O: For further information on structured professional judgement, please see the MARAM Practice Guides, and Foundation Knowledge Guide.

[On-screen text: For further information]

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