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嗨,我是 Kathy, 是兩個小朋友的媽咪。我和我先生以及兩個子女住在墨爾本。

我們來到澳洲已有20幾年。我的兒子Lachlan 讀完三歲幼稚園課程,現在在讀四歲幼稚園課程。

我先生和我想幫Lachlan 找一個離我們上班近的地方,在我們上班的時候他有個地方可以去。我們倆都是全職上班的。我們希望他可以學到新的技能以及認識新朋友。

我們問過其他父母和街坊,就這樣瞭解了幼稚園課程以及 ‘Find a Kinder’ 網站。










Hi, my name is Kathy, I’m a mum of two. I live with my husband and 2 kids in Melbourne.

We’ve been in Australia for over 20 years. My son Lachlan has attended three-year-old kindergarten. He is now in four-year-old kindergarten.

My husband and I wanted to find somewhere close by for Lachlan to go while we were at work. We both work full time. We wanted him to learn new skills and make friends.

We asked around other parents and our neighbours. That’s how we found out about the Kindergarten programs and the ‘Find a Kinder’ website.

These are programs are run by a teacher and approved by the government. While he’s there, Lachlan learns lots of different things while playing and gets to use his imagination. We chose to enrol him at a childcare that runs a Three-Year-Old Kindergarten program.

Lachlan comes home from kindergarten with a new favourite story, game or rhyme he wants us to repeat over and over. We love hearing the new words he is learning and names of friends he is making.

He talks a lot more these days and is starting to express himself and how he is feeling very clearly and with confidence. Lachlan can also manage his emotions better and plays better with us and other kids. We’re happy to see all of the skills and independence he has gained at the kindergarten.

We also think it’s good for Lachlan to have friends from other backgrounds to play with, so he understands the diverse culture of Australia. And his friends get to learn about our culture, too.

The most important thing is that Lachlan is happy on his kindergarten days and he is excited to go back.

Lachlan is learning so much and feels good about himself and what he can do. We’re excited for him to start school next year. Having two years at kindergarten means he is confident and ready to start school next year.

Starting a quality kindergarten program at an earlier age leads to even more positive effects on child development.

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Reviewed 02 February 2023