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我们之前在网上做了不少研究,还与其他的家长进行了交流。我们就是这样知道了幼儿园提供的早教计划以及“Find a Kinder”网站。










Hi, my name is Wenfei, a mum of three. I live with my husband and 3 kids in Melbourne. We’ve been in Australia for over 7 years.

My daughter Anne has attended Three-Year-Old Kindergarten. Now she is in Four-Year-Old Kindergarten.

Anne is a bit shy sometimes. We wanted her to be more social, learn more things and develop her language skill at a place that’s also a safe environment for her.

We did some research online and also spoke to other parents. And that’s how we learned about the kindergarten programs and the ‘Find a Kinder’ website.

These are programs run by a teacher and approved by the government. While she’s there, Anne learns lots of different things while playing and gets to use her imagination. We wanted her to be well cared for at this important age. We chose to enrol her at a childcare that runs a Three-Year-Old Kindergarten program.

Being at kindergarten, we have noticed Anne being more aware of people around her and having a better sense of belonging as part of a group. She has become better at expressing herself.

We have found that her fine motor skills have been improved as well. We are pleased to see all these skills she has gained at the kindergarten.

We also think it’s good for Anna to have friends from other backgrounds to play with, so she understands the diverse culture of Australia. And her friends get to learn about her culture too.

And most importantly, she is happy every day she he is still excited to go back the next day.

Now Anne is attending the Four-Year-Old-Kindergarten. Given so much she has progressed, we are excited for Anne to start school next year.

Starting a quality kindergarten program at an earlier age leads to even more positive effects on child development.

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Reviewed 27 January 2023