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Digital Build

The Victorian Government is building the state's historic infrastructure pipeline in a smarter and more innovative way by modernising construction.

The Digital Build program is transforming construction by using the latest digital practices to save time and money and drive innovation. It supports project teams to develop new innovative practices that push the frontier of what is possible. Our delivery agencies are using 3D modelling and simulations, machine learning, immersive reality and Internet of Things Sensors in project delivery.

The Digital Build program drives the digitisation of construction through four transformational pillars.

Our first pillar, the Digital Asset Policy, creates a new baseline for the technologies, capabilities and data we develop and use in construction, creating modern visualisation, simulation and collaboration technologies.

The second pillar inserts new digital and intellectual property clauses into project contracts and ensures common systems, languages and platforms. This facilitates collaboration by enabling information to be seamlessly transferred through all stages of a project and within government. The policy creates new consistent data reporting standards and the ability to reuse and improve design.

Thirdly, we train our project delivery teams to get the best out of technology and use data to inform their decisions through one-on-one support and bespoke courses.

And finally, we prove the value of digitisation of construction by quantifying its benefits.

The digital build is also driving the uptake of modern methods of construction, such as prefabrication and modular building on our projects.

Victoria can use our national leading manufacturing sector to build schools, hospitals and housing offsite and install them rapidly onsite, delivering higher quality, more sustainable projects with less community disruption.

Victoria's Digital Build program is leading the digitisation of construction across Australia. It is the most advanced step taken nationally to increase productivity and deliver a digitally enhanced and modern infrastructure pipeline.