My Friend Fred

(gentle music)

- My Friend Fred.

Written by Frances Watts.

And illustrated by A. Yi.

My friend Fred eats dog food for breakfast.

I think dog food is disgusting.

My friend Fred loves to chase balls.

He never gets bored.

My friend Fred sniffs trees.

I'd rather climb them.

My friend Fred gets excited when the doorbell rings.

He can be very noisy.

My friend Fred wears a coat when it's cold.

He thinks he looks handsome.

I'm not so sure.

My friend Fred digs holes.

He knows he shouldn't.

My friend Fred doesn't like stairs.

Stairs are easy for me.

My friend Fred shakes himself after a bath.

I hate baths.

My friend Fred howls at the moon.

I don't know why.

My friend Fred always turns around three times before he goes to sleep.

He does a lot of funny things.

But even though we are different, Fred is my best friend.