Kinder Kits – Birds in the Bush

Aunty Fay:

Hi. My name's Aunty Fay Stewart-Muir.

I'm a Boonwurrung, Wemba Wemba, and Wergaia woman.

And I live on Wathaurong country in Geelong.

I first met Jeannette when I was working with our Koorie playgroup at Cranbourne Gardens, and we got talking. I said, Jeannette, let's look at doing a little booklet to do with the birds, that the kids see each time they come to playgroup. So that's how it started.

Jeanette Rowe:

These are the two books that have been chosen to go into the Kinder Kit this year, and this was the first one that Fay and I worked together on.

The Whose series is a flip, the flap book, and I created the flip, the flap idea for my little girl when she was one.

The Birds in the Bush book is potentially a trilingual book. So we decided to print it in Boonwurrung first and then with the English underneath, but this tiny little dotted line you can see along here, is actually for people to add their own language.

Aunty Fay:

So it's just something that I want to really focus on is getting my language spoken again. So that all kids, not just Aboriginal children, all children, can speak a First Nations language.

Having our two books in the Kinder Kits is really exciting. It's mind blowing. It really is. And it's just, you know, Jeannette and I keep pinching ourselves to say, is this real?

[End of transcript]