Yarra Bend bush kinder

Pepper Pham:

With Bush Kindergarten we're taking the four walls out from the classroom to transport the children into the beauty and wonders of nature's canvas.

Being out in Bush Kindergarten promotes positive mental thinking in educators as well as the children's way of thinking.

The children are constantly engaging in conversations with the educators, and we've become co-learners in this natural space.

For example, if a child sees a rock or a piece of bark we have conversations, that rock might be a home for an insect. If we see a dried up leaf those leaves might contain seeds to rejuvenate beautiful plants in our beautiful Bush Kindergarten spaces.

It's times like these that we become present in the moment with the children as educators.

It's really beautiful to see children engage in conversations and feel connected to their spaces and in doing so, children are building critical and reflective thinking skills, and that's such a beautiful gift to have in life.


Bush Kinder!

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