Quick tips for applying for a child employment licence

Victorian businesses can apply for a licence to employ kids under 15 in their business via our online portal.

Here are four quick tips to make that process as smooth as possible.

Use a generic email address when signing up to our online portal.

Each business can only have one email address associated with their account, so make sure it's one that can be accessed by anyone who has to access the portal to make updates.

If you use an individual's email address, you may have trouble accessing the portal when that person is on leave or if they leave the organisation.

Make sure the right person completes the fit and proper person declaration and the declaration at the end of the application form.

Not everyone can do this on behalf of the business. It needs to be an officer of the business.

Who is an officer will depend on the type of business, but it’s generally someone who has significant decision-making powers within the business, such as a director or partner.

Make sure you apply for the right licence type.

Most businesses will want to apply for a general licence. However, there is an industry specific licence for employing kids under 15 in the entertainment industry.

Consider the hazards in your workplace before you start the application process.

All workplaces have risks, and that's especially the case for kids under 15 who are usually entering the workplace for the first time.

The application process will ask you to identify hazards in your workplace, so have this information ready to make the process as smooth as possible.

We will not be issuing a licence to a business that cannot identify the hazards and risks in its workplace.

Our website has a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a licence and if you need further help you can call us on 1800 287 287.