About Emergency Recovery Victoria

Mariela Diaz: Hi I'm Mariela Diaz, the CEO of Emergency Recovery Victoria.

Emergency Recovery Victoria coordinates real, effective and timely support that communities need to recover after a major emergency.

We do this by working directly with impacted communities, all levels of government, non-government agencies and industry.

Emergencies have such a devastating effect on communities. People can be isolated, displaced and lose their homes and businesses. It is often the worst time of their lives, where they really need support.

Our role is to coordinate recovery efforts through policy, planning, program delivery, and we play a critical role in Victoria's emergency management arrangements. 

But most importantly, we work directly in regions with communities to support and develop their recovery services and initiatives because we believe communities are stronger and more resilient when their recovery is community-led and trauma-informed.

We deliver programs on the ground that help people get back on their feet such as clean up, housing people displaced by disaster and engaging with community, stakeholders and partners.

We are purpose-driven, value-based organisation and our leaders, including myself, are committed to ensuring an inclusive and collaborative environment so our people can be at their best when responding to individual and community needs.

Why don't you join us?

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