Melbourne High School Tour

Student 1: From the moment you stand on the front oval and you see the school, it's a big castle on the hill, to coming in and seeing how large it really is. And I don't think there's a real way to describe the vibe or like the aura of the entire school. It's really grand and magnificent, just, it's a feeling like no other.

Student 2: Culturally there's a lot of different types of people here. There's a very close environment. You get to like, you get like close mates, and you get to really, like, discuss with them, and it really makes a school good because you find a lot of people, they have a lot of common topics with and that really makes it a special place that you actually want to come back to every day.

Student 1: I would describe the school as a school for everyone. Of course, everybody here is academically talented, but that doesn't stop them from being great at other things. Like, the school has opportunities to excel in many different areas where it's extracurricular activities like cadets, or sports such as rowing and badminton. It's a school I think that's for everybody and anybody who came here would absolutely love it.

Student 3: They have really good facilities. So you've got a swimming pool, you've got a gym, you've got tennis courts, hockey pavilion and the hockey pitch.

Student 2: I'm really like the gym quite a bit. I go there three times a week and it's really good bonding experience 'cause there's a lot of like-minded people there as well. And I also like the library. It's a nice, chill place. It's pretty, it's really nice to just go in the library. You can do some work, talk with some people, and you can just, yeah, it's really nice, chill place.

Student 4: The atmosphere of students here, they all well want to be high achievers and try hard, and are very ambitious to do good in all of their subjects. So really elevates us to just match all of their levels so that we can all do better and get better at all the subjects we're learning.

Student 3: Obviously, when I come to school in the morning, I'm definitely very excited to learn, you know. The learning environment here is very encouraging 'cause your teachers and students, other students are always pushing you, you know, to do well. And, of course, you yourself obviously want to become, you know, a better student, a better person in general. So that obviously comes from the people around you, the environment. I am very lucky and proud that I'm here now.

Student 4: Best thing about this school, the opportunities that it gives you, not just during school but after and throughout your life with the networking you get from all these like-minded people who are ambitious and just can help you just be on top of your game.

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