The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

Student 1:When I come in through the front door, you just feel the environment and feel the culture of the school. You can feel that there are so many successful women who came here before you and that. It's so inspiring to think about where people have ended up, whether that be at the top of their profession in medicine or working in international relations. Like being at the school, you're just inspired to do what you want to do.

Student 2: So, a lot of people might think that MacRob is a place that's just, you know, full of academic-driven students, which we are, but there's just so much more to us than good old like books and studying. We are just so well-rounded in every way. People are genuinely so supportive, so encouraging, so warmhearted, they just make this place such a safe environment. And it actually allows us to help each other to sort of say yes to everything, give everything a go.

Student 1: Everybody here, whether it be the principal team, or the teachers, or the students, everybody is so supportive of your interests and your passions. I mean, we have clubs ranging from Board Games Club to Harry Potter Club. We have a range of leadership positions, from school captain to inclusivity, and whatever your interest and your passions, and what you want to do later in life, whatever they are, you're going to be supported by everybody at the school.

Student 2: MacRob is quite central in Melbourne, we're very lucky to have MSAC just down the road, so we have internationally-recognised pool at our fingertip. We also have Lakeside Stadium down the road as well where we go for our athletics every year. And it's just great because we have access to like so many great things. Yeah, just right around the corner. Just this year we've opened up our new Lakeside Level One building and it's so lovely and refurbished. I love studying in the studying areas and also in the library, but also like the outdoor grounds as well. We have quite a leafy and nice green environment at school, so I do love spending time outdoors, chatting to friends at MacRob as well.

Student 1: Some new opportunities that have opened up for me would probably be opportunities in leadership because everybody here is willing to have a go and be supportive of people having a go. I put my hand up to be in a leadership position which I was fortunate enough to get and it's allowed me to become more confident in my public speaking, in my organisational skills, and allowed me to make so many connections with different people at MacRob and outside of MacRob.

Student 3: Coming to MacRob, I was definitely like super interested in seeing what was out there, not knowing like what pathways would be possible, or at least feasible for me to take. There are many opportunities for you to try out different fields or different areas of study. So for me right now it would be medicine or somewhere in the science field, but I've definitely had a go at humanities or law for example. And both of which are very exciting and definitely pathways I would consider taking the future and just seeing how it goes. MacRob has a really strong alumni network, so getting to speak to some of our alumni who are currently working in the fields has been really inspirational. And definitely adding towards like helping me pick where do I want to go. Especially, not just the alumni, but the teachers here are so in-depth or experienced in their own given fields, and just talking to them about why did they want to go into here, and just getting inspiration of where could I go, do I see myself in them, has definitely helped a lot.

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