Suzanne Cory Tour

Student 1: Well, when I walk through the doors of Suzanne Cory, I'm feeling really excited to start my day. Our school is this beautiful place that's really accepting of everyone's interests, of everyone's cultures, we have all these exciting events that happen at our school, we host all sorts of competitions. Our school is really unique in what it's good at because we're not just good at chess or debating, we also compete in every sport that you can imagine. And if a student has like an idea that they want to explore, the school is always willing to explore it. Like, I found a love for debating at this school that I'd never had before, and it's now one of my favourite things to do and one of the things I'm best at, and I only know that because I go to such a fabulous school that accepts trying everything new.

Student 2: The best thing about this school is, definitely breaking down the stereotype that selective schools are all about academics, it's definitely not that. And it's encouraging because it depends on, you know, how open they are to these things and whether they'll take up, you know, the opportunities that are in Suzanne Cory.

Student 3: Some of the best things at Suzanne Cory High School is the diverse range of opportunities that are present to all the students, whether it's through leadership initiatives or clubs, or through sport, or through art, there's just so many things that any student can partake in. One thing for me particularly is the Leadership program, I'm currently the SRC Leader at the school, and it's such a incredible opportunity because the school really pushes us to be very independent leaders, all of which is very applicable to the outside world, to the real world, and will look really good on a resume as well.

Student 4: We kind of get involved in everything, which I think is really great, because it kind of lets you take a step back from the academics and really focus on who you really are, and I think that's really important. And that's what our school does really well.

Student 5: The thing I love best about the school is the music opportunities. I loved music before, but I've just really embraced how amazing music is. The amount of options that the school has to pursue your passion or your interest, it's endless. Like, there's open mics, and soirees, and winter concerts, and you can take lessons with teachers through the school, which I do for voice lessons and flute lessons. It's just made me love music a lot more.

Student 6: I think the best part about the school would be the ample opportunities you get, especially in the Sport program 'cause we have a lot of facilities for that. I think they accommodate everyone's abilities really well. We run co-curricular every fortnight, and they have a range of sports. They're quite interesting. Like we have leisure ones, which are more like bowling like laser tag sort of things that are still active. But we also have like major games, which is like basketball, soccer. Everyone gets involved. It's like a compulsory thing and everyone has fun.

Student 1: When I was first applying for selective entry schools, I thought that my career pathway would probably be in medicine, but now I've completely flipped through our opportunities within the school. I've learned that I love legal studies and I love global politics, so I think I want to be in politics or law one day

Student 4: When I first came to the school, I kind of like I wanted to follow some sort of engineering pathway, but when I sat down and I took part in like a lot of like the public speaking, the leadership, the set up positions, I kind of came see the idea that I want to do something where it allows me to talk to people and communicate. And that's kind of leading me towards maybe something more like law-related where I'm kind of communicating with people. So I feel like the school has really shaped me into being a more well-rounded person where I can talk to others and that's kind of led to me wanting to do this career path as well.

Student 3: I feel excited to start a new day and to really partake in my education and just really feel a part of this community that this school has offered.

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