Queen's Birthday 2019 Investiture Ceremony September 2019

“A lot of us feel a bit of a fraud sometimes.”

“I have suffered imposter syndrome at times in my career.”

“I look at other people and feel that they are much more worthy than I am.”

“I wanna do more and I just have to put my head down and work really hard in order to not feel like an imposter and feel like I deserve to be here.”

“To have your work recognised and what you do and for someone else to see it as important is, is so powerful.”

“It does make a difference to people, and it does acknowledge the work that they do, and it gives people an opportunity to have a spotlight on whatever that cause maybe.”

“Yeah you’ve been acknowledged for your services to the community and so that helps in, in terms of getting support for projects, and giving credibility to your projects.”

“It’s very personally satisfying to think that what you are doing was of value it’s so unique and to be honoured by your country in this way is, is amazing and very special.”

“Well really it is such a moment of pride when you get an award from your country or when you know that, that maybe I am a bit special.”

“I’m thrilled today, but I’m thrilled because I feel I’m standing up for women, Go Women!”

“I was actually really structed by the positivity around female representation at this ceremony today.  I think that says really good things about where the trajectory and where we’re heading.”

“So I encourage everyone to do it, because someone took that time for me I will pay it forward and I will do it again, so I would love to see more women nominated.”

“It’s not actually that hard to nominate someone, I’m in the process of nominating a couple of people at the moment, and I think we need to step up and start nominating more women.”

“Receiving these honours I think all of us who received them would say we owe somebody and the best thing to do is to find someone else to honour.”


“Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place Melbourne.”

Reviewed 09 October 2019