Muriel Bush OBE

Muriel Bush gave 59 years continuous volunteer service to Guiding, and was a pioneer of the Guide Movement in Victoria.

Honour Roll

She had a huge influence upon the spirit, morale and happiness of the Girl Guide Movement in its formative years. Muriel founded Girl Guides in Bendigo, Victoria. She was the first to hold several pioneering positions within the Guide Movement which 'called for pioneer vision and creative administration'.

As each department was established, she broke fresh ground. She was awarded the World Chief's Guide's Diploma for Training for 'conspicuous service rendered by those who already hold the highest qualification for training Guiders'. This was the only one ever to be awarded in Australia.

For many years Muriel was the best known Guide in Australia. For her qualities of deep sincerity, integrity, initiative, hard work and original thought and sympathy, she earned the gratitude, admiration and affection of Guiders throughout the Commonwealth.

In so-called retirement she continued to give the benefit of her long Guiding experience to the various Training Departments and to individual Guiders, not only in Victoria, but also interstate. Muriel had a strong and simple faith, a wide and far reaching interest in her country's past, present and its future and a deep concern for civic matters. Her interest in the education of the young never waned.

In short Muriel was a visionary who was never content just to dream; she wanted, and got, results. She had an enormous influence in developing training for Guide Leaders and ensuring that this was of the highest standard. The end result was that the girls received a high standard of Guiding. This showed particularly in the outdoor camping area of the program where girls had to learn to work together and share resources. She has received an OBE for her services to Guiding.