Patricia Toop OAM

Patricia (‘Patsy') has provided over 30 years of legal representation to Victorian workers in cases of personal injury.

Honour Roll

Through this work Patricia has significantly contributed to the progression of Victoria's social and legal discourse in human rights and worker's rights, particularly in cases of personal injury and illness. Over many years, Patricia's legal work and expertise has both directly and indirectly advanced the quality of life of many Victorians, enriched Victoria's legal discourse and contributed to an increased awareness of human and legal rights issues and employer's responsibilities.

As a dedicated volunteer, director and founding board member with WISE Employment, Patricia's passion, drive and direction has been instrumental in the growth of the organisation. This has facilitated the provision of training and meaningful employment to those who experience disability and mental illness, as well as youth, ex-offenders, refugees and Aboriginal communities.

Significantly, Patricia's voluntary work with WISE Employment in Australia and WISE Ability in the United Kingdom has empowered thousands of disabled and marginalised individuals in the local, Victorian, Australian and international community, through the provision of training and employment support services.

Alongside her legal representation, Patricia is also a passionate voluntary board member to the Seaworks Foundation. Seaworks is a highly valued local community resource at the Port of Williamstown which has held events of local, Victorian and national significance. This has included local markets and festivals, Victorian Food and Wine Festival events, music festivals and maritime events, such as hosting the International Tall Ships event in 2013. In this role Patricia has provided invaluable direction, advice and support to the restoration, preservation and activation of the local maritime precinct. Her voluntary work has actively contributed to the sustainable operation and growth of the organisation, facilitating the preservation and activation of the Seaworks site.