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News Alert – May 2021 

Security Industry employers – apply to register now  

Employers in the security industry are encouraged to apply for registration with the Portable Long Service Authority (Authority) to enable Victorian workers in the industry to accrue long service entitlements. 

The Authority administers the Portable Long Service Scheme (Scheme) allowing security, contract cleaning and community services workers to take long service entitlements with them from job-to-job within the same industry. 

This benefit had previously not been available to these workers with many people in these industries missing out on long service, despite working for years doing the same job but for different employers. 

The Scheme ensures that security workers can build up their long service benefits based on the time they have spent in the industry, even if they switch employers throughout their career. The Scheme enables workers to move from employer to employer (and even self-employment) without losing entitlements they have earned. 

Security industry employers must apply to register with the Scheme and register their workers to enable them to accrue portable long service leave.  

“We are committed to supporting Victorian employers by providing them with the information they need to participate and comply with the Scheme,” said the Portable Long Service Authority Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Yeung. 

Once a worker has accrued seven years of service under the Portable Long Service Scheme, they can choose to access their entitlements under the Scheme. 

You can find more information about the Portable Long Service Authority and the Portable Long Service Scheme at 

Reviewed 02 June 2021

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