Prof Trisha Dunning AM

Professor Trisha Dunning has contributed to the care of people with diabetes through research and educating health care professionals.

Honour Roll

Trisha has been a diabetes nurse educator since 1984. Through her ongoing research and writing she has made an extensive contribution, nationally and internationally, to the development of nursing and health policy practice; patient education and care; evidence-based research; and health professional education.

Trisha is an active member of many local, national and international committees, including Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation and Editor-in-Chief of the Global Journal of Health Science.

In 1994, Trisha received the inaugural Nurses Care Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice, and in 2004 was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for her work in diabetes and nursing. In 2011, she also became a Distinguished Life Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia (now the Australian College of Nursing).

In November 2013, as a culmination of Trisha's long-term commitment to the care of older people with diabetes, Trisha and her team launched new diabetes-specific care guidelines. The McKellar Guidelines for Managing Older People with Diabetes in Residential and Other Care Settings have been described as unique, providing nursing and medical staff with the ability to make more informed and appropriate care decisions.

Trisha has published several books and over 150 papers about diabetes. The fourth edition of her book, Care of People with Diabetes: a Manual of Nursing Practice, is the core text for nurses in Australian and international universities.