Professor Noel Alpins AM

Ophthalmology innovator


Honours and awards

Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia for the innovations introduced with refractive surgery.


Noel Alpins AM is a pioneer in the field of cataract and refractive surgery as one of the first Australian ophthalmologists to implement laser eye surgeries in the 1990s. Noel is the namesake of the Alpins Method, a technique that allows for better planning and outcome analysis in eye surgeries that include astigmatism treatment.

Noel is a clinical professor at the University of Melbourne. He is on the editorial board of many prestigious publications, including the American and European Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Journal of Refractive Surgery, Ocular Surgery News, EuroTimes and others. He has presented both Council and Gregg distinguished lectures at the Royal ANZ College of Ophthalmologists.

He has received several awards during his career, including the International Society of Refractive Surgery, Lans Distinguished Award in Chicago in 2012. He received the 2013 American Academy Ophthalmology Achievement Award and the ISRS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 for his internationally-recognised contributions to the advancement of refractive surgery over his career. In 2019, he presented the Barraquer Lecture Award at the American Academy in San Francisco. 

These contributions to international ophthalmology research have made Noel an eminent member of Australia’s medical community.