About the scheme

The Restorative Engagement and Redress Scheme is available to former and current Victoria Police employees who have experienced workplace sex discrimination or sexual harassment.

Redress is about making an acknowledgement for wrongs that happened in the past. The scheme will offer a range of options for eligible participants, including:

  • counselling
  • a restorative engagement process
  • financial payments

The scheme is independent of Victoria Police and will be delivered by a dedicated support team who will be available to:

  • explain if you are eligible
  • guide you through the application process
  • discuss options available in the scheme and what may be suitable for you

Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have:

Your privacy will always be protected in line with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).

Apply to the scheme

The scheme is now open to receive and assess applications from all former and current Victoria Police employees including:

  • Victorian Public Sector employees (including administrative officers)
  • uniformed members, Protective Services Officers and Police Custody Officers

You can apply to the scheme if you experienced workplace sexual assault, sex harassment and/or sex discrimination before 12 December 2019, and the behaviour:

  • relates to a Victoria Police workplace
  • happened while you were working
  • was perpetrated by a person who was a Victoria Police employee at the time

The standard of proof for the scheme is plausibility. This is lower than the criminal and civil standard.

An account of an experience is plausible if there is enough information, supported by a properly witnessed statutory declaration, to reasonably satisfy a person undertaking an assessment that the behaviour occurred.

Please note that offers from the scheme will be made to eligible participants from 1 July 2020.

If you are considering applying, we encourage you to get in contact for a confidential discussion. You can:

Apply for the Restorative Engagement and Redress Scheme

Steps in the application process

Important information about the scheme

What is available in the scheme?

Assistance offered to you by the scheme will be based on the information you provide in your application and your individual circumstances.

The support team is available to discuss your needs and options.


Access to a counselling service appropriate for your needs may be provided at no cost.

The support team can assist with direct referrals to counselling and wellbeing services:

This may include continuing counselling sessions with your current practitioner, if you have one. The scheme is committed to supporting you and ensuring that you can access a service that meets your needs.

Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have:

Financial redress

You may be eligible for a financial payment. This is assessed based on the type of behaviour you experienced.

Type of behaviour Payment
Rape, sexual assault (with aggravating features)

Sexual harassment involving some contact and non-contact behaviours such as:

  • sexual assault
  • sexual exposure, threats, stalking
  • predatory sexual harassment
Some forms of sexual harassment or systematic targeted sex discrimination that is part of a campaign or series of behaviours and focused on an individual. $10,000

Restorative engagement

The restorative engagement program is currently being designed and will available from 1 July 2020.

The scheme’s restorative engagement process will offer people who have experienced workplace harm, such as sexual harassment or sex discrimination, the option to engage with a representative from Victoria Police. You can use this process to share your experience and the impact it has had on your life.

It is a completely voluntary program. If you choose to take part, you will be supported throughout the process, which is designed to be safe and confidential. You can decide to stop at any time.

You will have a choice about who you communicate with, what you share with them and how it is shared. You can also choose to have a support person with you. This could be a partner, family member or friend.

The program will be facilitated by a trained support team member to ensure:

  • the process is suitable for your needs
  • you can talk through any questions or concerns you may have at any point

Assessment process

The scheme is committed to making consistent, impartial and fair assessments of every application.

A person is eligible for redress if their account of the behaviour is plausible – rather than proven.

An account of an experience is plausible if there is enough information, supported by a properly witnessed statutory declaration, to reasonably satisfy a person undertaking an assessment that the behaviour occurred.

You will need to provide a properly witnessed statutory declaration that swears the information you provide in your application is true.

It is important that you provide enough information in your application so that an assessment can be made. The support team can guide you through this process and talk about any concerns you may have.

Your application will be assessed by the scheme’s assessment team. The assessors have expertise in administrative law, complex assessments, human rights and fair decision making.

The assessment team will make a recommendation about your application to the scheme’s director. A letter of offer will then be made to you.

All assessments and decisions are independent of Victoria Police. No information will be shared with or disclosed to Victoria Police.

Crisis support

If you need crisis support now, you can contact the following organisations at any time. They offer services such as phone and online counselling.


Counselling for anxiety, depression and suicide prevention:


Confidential crisis support and suicide prevention services:


Confidential information, counselling and support for people impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence and abuse:

Suicide Call Back Service

Professional mental health counselling and suicide prevention:

MensLine Australia

Counselling for men with emotional health and relationship concerns:

Triple Zero

Emergency services (police, fire and ambulance).

Reviewed 20 February 2020

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