Robin Daubeny

Australian cycling champion.



Robin Daubeny’s success in business and sport has made him sought after when effective leadership and coaching are paramount. In 1997, after a 11-loss catastrophic start to the season, St Kilda Football Club called upon Robin to turn the team’s fortunes around. The outcome was a 17-match winning streak and a place at the 1997 AFL Grand Final, their first in over 25 years.

Robin draws upon the success in his own life as both a cyclist and business leader. He was regarded as one of the top professional cyclists in Australia for 14 years. Robin’s career in finance was likewise one of sales and sales management records that are unlikely to ever be broken.

Robin is currently a fulltime motivator and advisor for individuals, organisations and communities. Notable clients include the Australian Institute of Sport, VFL footballer Mark Jackson, World Boxing Champion Barry Michael and Australian cycling champion Danny Clark. Robin’s book, Sales Success, It’s all in the mind, has likewise been a successful resource for people around the world.