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Triggering interest in East Gippsland

The choice modelling revealed that the 4-5 day Sea to Summit walk will be a major driver of visitation to the East Gippsland region.

Walking experiences, along with water-based activities are the principal triggers of visitation with walking experiences accounting for 14% of the reason anyone would come to East Gippsland. This was just slightly more than water-based experiences, also accounting for 14% of the reason someone would visit East Gippsland.

The drivers influencing visitation to East Gippsland include:

  1. walking experiences in the region
  2. water-based activities
  3. activities and attractions
  4. natural experiences in the region (activities based around nature)
  5. the price (tested at cost for 6 days/ 7 nights, inclusive)
  6. season visited in
  7. events
  8. health and wellbeing activities
  9. accommodation types
  10. nature-based experiences and activities base/hub
  11. food and wine experiences.