What walking product is the market interested in?

Participants in the research were asked about the types of walking products they'd be most interested in doing in East Gippsland.

  • If East Gippsland had a 3-5 day walk/cycle nature product, 34% of walkers would want to do it.
  • If East Gippsland had a 10-12 day Sea to Summit walking product, 9% would do it.
  • If East Gippsland had a nature-based hub with day activities, 24% would want a half day to a one day experience they could do from this base.
  • 33% wouldn’t do any of the walking products presented.

The market research revealed a strong preference for a more accessible nature-based walking experience than the 10-12 day walk from the sea to the summit or the summit to the sea concept.

The final choice modelling of the three concepts reveals that the 4-5 day Sea to Summit walk will be a major trigger of visitation to the East Gippsland region.