Sherryl Garbutt

Sherryl has made a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment and championing women's rights and social justice.

Honour Roll

Before beginning her political career, Sherryl was heavily involved in serving her local community. She has always been driven by her commitment to overcoming social and economic disadvantage, giving every individual a fair go, improving women's rights and preserving Victoria's natural assets.

Sherryl began her career in politics in 1989 when she was first elected to the Victorian Parliament as the Member for Greensborough. Over the span of her career, Sherryl undertook appointments as Minister for Environment and Conservation, Minister for Women's Affairs and Minister for Community Services. In 2004, Sherryl was appointed Victoria's first Minister for Children, before retiring at the end of 2006.

Sherryl has an impressive record of achievement through her Ministerial responsibilities and has provided significant long-term benefits for the Victorian community and the environment. Throughout her political career, Sherryl introduced many reforms which fundamentally changed the principals on which policies and services operated in Victoria.

Her experience as a former Victorian Minister for Community Services, Women's Affairs, and Environment and Conservation resulted in the establishment of Marine National Parks and Box Ironbark National Parks; the development of the Women's Safety Strategy as a whole-of-government response to violence against women; and the establishment of the Victorian Children's Council.

In July 2015, following her retirement from Parliamentary life, Sherryl was appointed to the ‘Our Watch' Board, the national agency to prevent violence against women and their children. Sherryl's committee work since retirement has reinforced her Parliamentary contribution as she continues serving the community with distinction through her work on the board of ‘Our Watch'.