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Submitting your first quarterly return using the bulk upload spreadsheet

Step-by-step instructions for submitting your first quarterly return using the bulk upload spreadsheet.

What you will need

Before you begin, you will need:

Information about all eligible workers who have worked for you during the quarter, including:

  • the hours they have worked
  • the ordinary pay they received during the quarter
  • any long service leave they have taken under another arrangement
  • details of any Worker terminated during the quarter
  • a copy of the bulk upload spreadsheet for the current quarter downloaded directly from your employer portal.

Employer portal


  • Login to the employer portal using your Employer ID, registered email address and password.

    Login to the portal

  • Once in the portal, select the Returns tab from the menu on the left-hand side.

    Click on the Returns tab in the left-hand column to open the Returns page.

    Click on the blue Return ID number.

    Click on blue Return ID on the returns page to open the relevant quarterly return.

    In the new page, click on the Export/Import button.

    Click on the 'Export/Import' button at the top of the screen to open the Export/Import page.

    This will take you the Export/Import page. You can take the opportunity to read the steps prior to exporting the spreadsheet.

    When you’re ready, click the blue Export to Excel button to begin the download.

    Click the blue 'Export to Excel' button on the right-hand side of the Export/Import page to download your spreadsheet.
  • Open the spreadsheet from your downloads (or equivalent) folder.

    Column Mandatory Description
    Member ID No

    For your first return, leave this column blank as Member IDs will only be assigned to your workers once your first return is submitted. When a return spreadsheet is uploaded to the portal without Member IDs, the portal will automatically assign a number to each worker.

    For future returns, this column will be pre-populated with your workers’ Member IDs.

    Duplication of Workers will occur if existing members are added to the spreadsheet without their membership numbers.

    Payroll ID No This is where you can record your organisation’s payroll reference for a worker.
    Salutation No If completing this section, you must enter the appropriate code (see below).
    First Name Yes Enter your worker's first name.
    Middle Names No
    Surname Yes

    Enter your worker's surname.

    Gender Yes

    Enter the appropriate code (see below).

    Date of birth Yes Must be entered in dd/mm/yyyy format.
    Employment type Yes

    Enter the appropriate code (see below).

    Work type Yes

    Enter the appropriate code (see below).

    Worker type Yes

    Enter the appropriate code (see below).

    Start date Yes

    The date the worker became eligible for the scheme within your business.

    The start date must be greater than or equal to 1 July 2019 and must be entered in dd/mm/yyyy format.

    Hours Yes

    The hours worked for each worker for the period. Up to 4 decimal places.

    Period pay Yes

    The ordinary pay received by the worker for the period. Up to 2 decimal places.

    Termination date No

    The date the worker ceased eligibility for the scheme within your business. The termination date must have occurred during the return period and be entered in dd/mm/yyyy format.

    Termination reason No

    Enter the appropriate code (see below)

    Comment No

    Any additional comments regarding the worker, up to 1,024 characters.

    Mobile Preferred

    Insert ' (apostrophe) before a mobile or phone number to retain leading zeros.

    Phone No

    Insert ' (apostrophe) before a mobile or phone number to retain leading zeros.

    Email Preferred
    Address Line 1

    For new workers only. In future returns, worker details cannot be updated using the export/import process. You will need to contact the Authority directly to make request a change.

    Address Line 2


    Address Line 3

    Suburb Yes

    For new workers only.

    State Yes

    For new workers only.

    Postcode Yes

    For new workers only.

  • Log back into the employer portal and navigate to the Export/Import page.

    Click on the blue Browse button to locate and upload your completed and saved spreadsheet.

    You can upload your completed spreadsheet by clicking the blue 'Browse' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and navigating to the file on your computer.

    You may receive notification of validation issues.

    When a spreadsheet is uploaded to the portal, the system automatically validates the data it contains. Any issues will be displayed the row number, Member ID and the validation issue to be resolved.

    Any validation issues with the data will be listed on the page, with their row number and the corresponding Member ID as well as description of the issue. For example, it may say 'Salutation is not valid' if a trailing space has been left after a salutation in the spreadsheet.

    If you receive a validation issue notice, you will need to make the required changes in the spreadsheet and re-upload it.

    Below is an example of a common validation issue; a space after the word ‘Miss’. In this case, you can delete the space and save the file.

    In this image, the word 'Miss' has a space after it. This is a common error in quarterly returns and can be fixed by simply deleting the space in the appropriate Excel cell.

    Follow the instructions above to re-upload the amended spreadsheet.

    Once all validation issues have been resolved click on the green Commit Changes button to upload data into Portal. Ensure there are no duplicated workers prior to committing changes.

    If the upload results are correct, click the green 'Commit Changes' button in the top right-hand corner to commit changes.

    Click OK on the pop-up window to proceed.

    Click the blue 'OK' button in the pop up window to proceed.

    If you discover errors within the data you can click cancel, amend the data in the spreadsheet and then re-upload the amended spreadsheet.

    Click on the green Commit Return button.

    In the top right-hand corner, select the blue 'Edit Return' button to edit or the green 'Commit Return' button to commit your changes.

    Once you have committed changes you cannot re-upload another spreadsheet as you will get duplicated workers.

    If you need to make additional changes to hours and pay, you must re-export the spreadsheet so that it has valid Member IDs for your worker.

    If any of your workers has taken long service leave (LSL) during the period, you will need to record it by ticking the LSL Taken box next to their name.

    Mark any long service leave taken by workers by tickick the 'LSL Taken?' box at the right hand side of their row.

    Click the green Save & Close button to complete.

    Click the green 'Save & Close' button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

    Click Commit Return or Edit Return as required.

    In the top right-hand corner, select the blue 'Edit Return' button to edit or the green 'Commit Return' button to commit your changes.

    Click OK to confirm and submit your return or Cancel to continue to edit your return.

    Click the blue OK button to confirm and submit

    The submitted return may require review by the Authority. If this occurs, then a Pending Review sign will appear and the submitted status will be red. The status will remain red until the review is completed.

    On completion of the review the status will change to orange and read 'Committed' meaning that it is ready for payment.

    When payment has been receipted, the status will turn green.

    Your balance will be displayed in red with pending review in brackets beside it.
    Image of the different types of quarterly return status colours. Grey 'Open' status means the return is ready for employers to add workers and contributions. Red 'Submitted' status requires review by back office operators. Orange 'Committed' status means the return is ready for payment. Grey 'Adjusting' status means the return is being adjusted or updated by back office operators. Green 'Committed' status means the return is finalised and payment has been receipted with the total balance at $0.00.
  • Once a return has been committed, you will see your invoice in the 'Financial Details' section of the page.

    On the Returns page you will now see your return along with it's status. If it is Committed, there will be an invoice listed under the heading 'Financial Details'. You can print the invoice by selecting the blue 'Print PDF' text beside the invoice.

    From here you can print your invoice and make payment.

    A PLSA tax invoice includes the Return ID number and the period the return is for, as well as the amount due, the date the payment is required by, and details of how to make payment.

Spreadsheet codes

  • Enter one of the below options, exactly as written:

    • Mr
    • Mrs
    • Miss
    • Dr
    • Ms
    • Prof
  • Employment type Spreadsheet code
    Self-employed Self
    Full-time Full
    Part-time Part
    Casual Cas

  • Community services

    Work type Spreadsheet code
    Administration and managerial CASM
    Crisis counselling CSCC

    Community development and support

    Community and home care CSCH
    Drug and alcohol services CSDA
    Disability services (non-NDIS) CSDS
    Early childhood services CSEC
    Employment services CSES
    Financial and material assistance CSFM
    Family support services CSFS
    Family violence prevention and response CSFV
    Housing and homelessness CSHH
    Community legal services CSLS
    Migrant and refugee support services CSMR
    NDIS welfare services CSNDIS
    Neighbourhood houses CSNH
    Other community services CSO
    Personal and support services CSPS

    Contract cleaning

    Work type Spreadsheet code
    Carpet cleaning CC
    Cleaner, commercial areas CCA
    Cleaner, mixed areas CMA
    Cleaner, other CO
    Cleaner, public areas CPA
    Cleaner, shopping centres CCS
    Cleaning and sanitisation of food processing area CFP
    Graffiti removalist CGR
    High-pressure cleaning CHP
    Housekeeper CH
    Swimming pool cleaning CSP
    Window and gutter cleaning CWG


    Work type Spreadsheet code
    Security adviser SA
    Bodyguard SB
    Crowd controller SCC
    Security equipment installer or repairer SEIR
    Guarding property SGC
    Investigator SI
    Monitoring centre operator SMC
    Security, operator SO
    Security, other SO
    Private security trainer ST

  • Worker type Spreadsheet code
    Worker WORK
    Apprentice APPR
    Contractor (self-employed) CONT
    Working director WDIR

  • Termination reason Spreadsheet code
    Termination TERM
    Resignation RES
    Retrenchment RTRNCH
    Project completed PC
    Ill-health/incapacity ILL
    Retirement RET
    Death DTH

Reviewed 26 October 2021

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