TAFE Victoria – Training for the clean economy

The Victorian TAFE Network Clean Economy Prospectus 2024

Victoria's TAFE Network members are ready to design and deliver the training that your business needs to succeed in the clean economy.

With hundreds of qualifications to choose from, our network of TAFE institutes and dual-sector universities delivers contemporary training solutions across the state.

Victoria’s TAFE Network comprises 16 institutions delivering from more than 100 campuses across regional and metro Victoria. The Network offers training aligned to all aspects of the clean economy, including in the areas of the circular economy, renewable energy, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Backed by government, TAFE Network members are ready to design and deliver the workforce training that your business needs to succeed in the clean economy.

The TAFE Network delivers skills for Victoria’s economic growth and social inclusion

Through the Victorian TAFE Network, the Victorian Government provides high-quality, vocational education and training in skills areas linked to the government’s economic and social objectives. This includes skills for economic growth in key areas such as:

  • the transition to a climate-resilient future
  • the technology and digital sectors, agriculture, hospitality, tourism and manufacturing
  • construction to support the government’s large-scale infrastructure priorities
  • Victoria’s critical social and community services including early childhood education and care workforces, supporting delivery of the government’s priority social and inclusion reforms.

TAFEs also play a unique role supporting local communities and regional economies by providing community access to TAFE facilities for civic activities and emergency response efforts. At the regional level, TAFEs are key players in supporting regional development, infrastructure, revitalisation, local staff and businesses.

The TAFE Network partners with industry in growing Victoria’s economy

Members of the TAFE Network work to maintain and deepen their relationships with industry to benefit students who need contemporary skills, and to support the growth of the Victorian economy with a pipeline of skilled people to drive its industries.

Working closely with other portfolios and stakeholders of the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions, the TAFE Network is well positioned to establish new partnerships with industry to deliver new capabilities that will support Victoria’s productivity and meet new and emerging needs.

TAFEs are at the forefront of delivering future, high-quality skills to support Victoria’s workforce development, including in important areas such industries supporting transition towards renewable energy and advanced technologies. This includes engaging local industry in course and assessment design and developing leading-edge materials and assessment.

By working as a network, Victorian TAFEs ensure all Victorians can access vocational education and training and skills through:

  • reliable access to consistent, high-quality training in the vocational skills areas linked to the greatest job demand
  • innovation in applied learning in specialised skills areas linked to specific industry skills needs, particularly in ‘future skills’ areas and skills to support the clean economy and industry resilience to the impacts of climate change.

The Victorian TAFE Network delivers innovative training to support Victoria’s transition to a clean economy

The skills and workforce development activities needed for the transition to the clean economy transition are many and varied.

In some parts of the economy, the transition to the clean economy will be achieved by people being trained in existing ‘traditional’ skills, but in greater numbers than before. In other parts of the economy, the transition will involve training workforces in completely new skills. In some situations, people might find it useful to ‘top up’ their existing skills and training by obtaining skillsets associated with new technologies or ways of working.

The TAFE Network offers leading and contemporary courses and training programs that have been developed with industry and align to specific industry needs. These offerings are designed to meet the evolving demands of the clean economy and support industry in preparing for changing requirements and expectations.

Whether it is a micro-credentials, skillsets, qualification, or other training solution, the TAFE Network is ready to support Victoria’s industries and businesses on the road ahead.