Transcript - Transporting Arts Pilot Program Pascoe Vale station

A transcript of a video with Candela Alconada, the artist that created the installation at Pascoe Vale station.

My name is Candela Alconada I'm street artist and illustrator from Argentina.

I live here in Melbourne for the last four years in Coburhg.

So I was commissioned to create this artwork for the Pascoe Vale train station.

The name of it is 'On My Way' and I wanted to represent the experience of traveling from one point to the other in the city and everything that can happen in the middle.

Uh, so I create this imaginary setting where the lines of uh the outside and the inside of the train all blur all together.

So the nature that's outside is also inside of the train.

and people are interacting with it

I also try to uh work with the multicultural and diverse community that we have here and represent people from different ages and different backgrounds as well.

I wanted to create something that uplift the area a little bit.

And also hopefully, you know, people that use the public transport every day can um integrate this artwork as part of the daily landscape or the daily routine.

So I just wanted to create something kind of joyful and and fun for people from any background or any age to relate to it.

For me, in my personal experience, traveling, using the train or the public transport when I'm by myself is a bit of a reflective moment.

So I like to you know incorporate that with in in the illustration.

And then when you're traveling with someone else, it's also a space for connection.

So I try to put those values in my in my work.

[End transcript]