Trevor Carroll

CEO of Disability Justice Advocacy.


2018 VIC Local Hero Finalist

After completing a master’s degree in education and intellectual disability and then acquiring syringomyelia, a rare incomplete spinal cord disorder with mobility and hemiplegia issues, Trevor Carroll retired as a secondary school principal in 1994 and has since dedicated his life to helping others.

Trevor has since developed Meniere’s disease and a bi-lateral sensorineural hearing loss. Overcoming many obstacles, such as accessing public open spaces, shopping centres, airline flights and public transport, Trevor has successfully advocated at the highest levels of government to dismantle these barriers to enhance and protect the human rights of others.

As the CEO of Disability Justice Australia Inc, Trevor works with people, many of whom have multiple disabilities and use mobility aids and/or cannot read or write, to fight against discrimination and protect their human rights. He leads a team of advocates and volunteers who also provide people with disabilities support through the NDIS appeals process.

Trevor has won numerous awards for his advocacy and travels the world to promote the rights of people living with disabilities.

Reviewed 30 September 2019

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