Using Music

The Using Music program empowers educators to harness music for enhanced child learning, communication and emotional wellbeing.

Program details

  • Priority area: Communication (language development), wellbeing (social and emotional)
  • Primary audience: Educators, parents/carers
  • Delivery mode: Consultancy, group training, online
  • Strength of evidence: Level 3 Promising research evidence
  • AEDC sub-domains:
    • Communication skills and general knowledge Communication and general knowledge
    • Emotional maturity anxious and fearful behaviour
    • Emotional maturity aggressive behaviour
    • Social competence responsibility and respect
  • Item cost: Moderate ($200-$2,000 per person/item)

Program description

Using Music provides mentoring and professional learning to support educators and kindergarten communities to use music to enhance learning and wellbeing outcomes for children. Music based experiences can improve children’s communication, social and emotional wellbeing and inclusion in early childhood settings. Using Music offers 3 customisable programs designed by registered teachers/music therapists, in collaboration with therapists, teachers, educators, carers, parents and children.

Using Music at Kinder (Mentoring Program): A mentoring program to upskill and equip educators with the skills, resources, knowledge and confidence to integrate music into their daily programs. The mentoring program includes consultancy, professional learning workshops, in-session observations and mentoring, online webinars and follow-up support. This program partners with services across the year.

Using Music with Preschoolers (Workshop): An interactive one-off workshop for educators or families exploring strategies for using music to improve the learning, communication and wellbeing of pre-school children and families. Workshops are 2, 4 or 6 hours in duration and are offered out-of-session.

Using Music Professional Learning (Webinar Series Program): Educators participate in capacity building professional development in a series of 4 one-hour online webinars, delivered once per term across the year. Guest presenters support knowledge development for using music to support communication development, social skills, emotional regulation and inclusion.

Detailed cost

Using Music at Kinder (Mentoring Program)

Package One $3,500 (excluding GST). This price includes:

  • initial onsite or online consultancy visit (2 hours)
  • interactive workshop for up to 10 participants (2 hours)
  • 4 professional learning webinars (one hour each, one per term)
  • access to 4 online group mentoring sessions (one hour each).

Package Two $6,500 (excluding GST):

  • initial onsite or online consultancy visit (2 hours)
  • interactive workshop for up to 12 participants (2 hours)
  • 4 in-session mentoring visits (one per term) to model, mentor and support
  • 4 professional learning webinars (one hour each)
  • access to 4 online group mentoring sessions (one hour each, one per term).

Package Three $10,000 (excluding GST):

  • initial onsite or online consultancy visit (2 hours)
  • interactive workshop for up to 20 participants (2 hours)
  • 8 in-session mentoring visits (2 per term) to model, mentor and support
  • 4 professional learning webinars (one hour each)
  • unlimited online/phone support.

Using Music with Preschoolers (Workshop Program)

Onsite interactive workshops are for teams of up to 20 educators. Participants have access to online webinar series and online group mentor sessions (optional included 48 hours).

  • 2-hour workshop $2,700 (excluding GST)
  • Half day workshop (4 hours) $3,300 (excluding GST)
  • Whole day workshop (6 hours) $4,000 (excluding GST).

Using Music Professional Learning (Webinar Series Program)

A series of 4 hour-long online webinars for early childhood professionals.

$650 (excluding GST) per participant, or $900 (excluding GST) per team (multiple participants).

Additional costs

For face-to-face delivery in regional Victoria, there are additional travel fees that apply. Please contact the provider for further details to customise the delivery of the program to your service.

Implementation considerations

  • Target population: educators, parents/carers, children.
  • Program/practice descriptions and details: all Using Music programs are individualised and flexible, recognising and building on the existing skills and knowledge of educators and parents/carers. Participants are supported to explore their own music backgrounds, and build capacity to increase music use at home and in early childhood education settings.
  • Program adaptability: the programs can be adapted based on participants’ music knowledge and experience. Additional facilitators can be engaged to meet the requirements of the service.
  • Staffing: services should consider the cost of backfill when determining the cost of accessing this resource.
  • Supervision/coaching: follow-up additional mentoring/coaching support is available as needed. Mentoring times can be scheduled either in-session or out-of-session, in consultation with educators.
  • Training requirements: no prior skills or experience of music is necessary.
  • Tools and systems: online access is required for Using Music Professional Learning. Webinars are delivered via Zoom. Online access may be required for online mentoring and workshops.

VEYLDF alignment

Item uses these practice principles

  • Reflective practice
  • Partnerships with families
  • High expectations for every child
  • Respectful relationships and responsive engagement
  • Equity and diversity
  • Assessment for learning and development
  • Integrated teaching and learning approaches
  • Partnerships with professionals

Item responds to these sub-outcomes

  • Children become strong in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes.